Shuttle 43, Stefan Morrell (3D)


Nice work Stefan,please man,how many polygons and tell me the configuration of your machine and OS,^^!


johannmoises…I render on a 64bit I7 quad core,the last image I did was the first time using 64bit & it makes a massive difference,Fr has always been good with hi poly scenes too…and with all the instancing its not really as heavy as it may look…polycount is about 3 million


Can’t believe you reached that in olny 2-3 days…also using istances…this scene is full of details!! ^^

Amazing work man, no other to say. 5*


:bounce: :bounce: … The canyon city is still fresh in my mind and bang … you are again here with another stellar work… Beautiful Stefan, love the light and am actually very inspired :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


really awesome work !!


Great stuff, looks incomplete though IMO. Could use more detail :shrug:. Still great for couple of days work, I wish I could come up with this kind of stuff in couple of days.


just awesome !!!


Amazing work, well done ! :applause:
just one thing … i thing the sky looks very simple compared to all the rest .


Another lovely piece of work from you! Do you ever stop making awesome stuff? I’ve always loved the way you take renders and make them look so painterly. I’ve kinda lost track of the number of times you’ve been on the front page, but here, have another one.


Top notch work Stefan. Beautiful atmosphere.


wow, very nice, especially the girl :smiley:


Would love to visit each of the places you invent. Awesome work. Your work brings to mind many classic sci fi book cover illustrations.


I do A-DO-RE your job, but those shoes, OMG, those shoes…:hmm:


Thanks Stefan,me too,I use i7 with 6Gb ram and OS Vista 64bit and I always have serious problems in rendering big scenes, a lot of anger while trying to find a solution, whereas most people have no such problems!
Congratz again bro!


Cannot be better, amazing ! :cry:


Great idea and composition but you’re right the spaceship does look little bit rough :slight_smile: well done good luck in future. :thumbsup:


Excellent piece mate, Great Lighting and all but the only thing that look out of place are her shoes man! :smiley: IMHO.
congratulation anyway.



Your work is superb like usual Stefan. Seems like you’ve mastered your workflow if you created this in only a few days! =] Congrats on another inspiring environment.


one word, beautiful


I really like the details that remain consistent even into the background. How much post render work is done on this? I assume the girl is a separate render completely. On a side note, i thought she was a photograph at first. Nice job fooling me! :slight_smile: