Shuttle 43, Stefan Morrell (3D)


Title: Shuttle 43
Name: Stefan Morrell
Country: New Zealand
Software: 3ds max, finalRender, Photoshop

another sci-fi cityscape…
this scene was made in a couple days…using mostly instanced geometry ,one dome,copied,flipped etc.
the ship…as with all my spaceships is a quickie made in a couple hrs,so looks pretty rough close up.
the figure on the left is a commercial (daz3d) model.
Rendered at 8k with finalRender,heavy post in Photoshop


Great looking image.

By the way why have you switched to finalrender? AFAIK you were using vray before (and before vray finalrender :slight_smile: )


Amazing level of details, great job as usual :bowdown:
Awesome man, really awesome!


The images you post are always epic - inspiring. This image reminds me a bit of Stephan Martiniere’s style of work. -Gus


excellent work!


Superb, very nice SF, BRAVO!


Excellent work, highly inspirational, as always!


So cool! As usual!
Magnificent sci-fi scape!! Great depth and perspective, nice angle and composition. The left foot of the lady seems a bit awkward to me but then, I don’t really know, perhaps it’s just me… :slight_smile:
Once again, I love your colours, lighting and design. Awesome render with a fine atmosphere! More things going on in this picture than meets the eye at first. :wink:
Great concept and excellent job!! Congratulations!


You are Insane! Please tell me you are not human… :drool:

I Love every bit of it, but especially the depth (fog, Steams , volumetrics.), and of course the superb lighting !

Take me to your planet! :bounce:

Greetings from Greece.


very nice work as usual :wink:


Very beautiful! Something like inspired by StarWars :buttrock:


Excellent work I really admire your imagination


Really nice image, I love the atmosphere and colors.


very creative atmosphere It seems like I am here right now you are a very creative artist I like your style.


Dude, you are an fr god. Did you use r3? Any chance you’ll be making a post work tutorial? That would be awesome.


Wow! Epic scene. Amazing, especially for the amount of time it took you.


Awesome picture!


Another great piece Stefan.

Nice modeling and rendering.


excellent work :buttrock:


thanks for the comments guys(& dont forget to post comments on the other artwork in the gallery here)

DarkNemos…I’m primarily an FR user & rarely use Vray.its an awesome renderer but I’m just more familiar with FR
vjaramillo…yes I’m using FrSE,& with the new service pack I can finaly use it without crashing

Dernhelm…I agree,that foot should probably be twisted around to the left

thanks again guys