Shutdown, Jan Harcarik (3D)


Title: Shutdown
Name: Jan Harcarik
Country: Slovakia
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

Hi, in my new work i used older character from my entry in GSO challenge. I want to depict main characters in new situation or environment.
Robot is created from polygons, plants are particle flow from max.Postprocess done in photoshop. Comments are most welcome.Thanks!


Wow very nice! The leaves seem to be glowing somewhat though, is that meant to be? Also I love the character but the image gets very complicated and it is hard to tell what is going on on the bottom part of the screen.
Keep it up!


I find the glow at his knees to be really distracting and the grass has wayyyyy tooo much detail. I also do not know of any grass that have leaves growing on them. The leaves on the wind are a nice touch, but they should come from a tree that isn’t in the picture.

What I like about the picture are the robot, the bike in the grass, and how you have the leaves flying around the robot.


wow 2 replies to this…that seems…a bit weird. this is really fantastic, i like the mech’s huge gun and the grassl ooks great, sky enviroment everything. really well done.


Pretty cool. Putting the robot in a field of grass really creates a great mood. I especially like the floating leaves. The only very minor critique is that the second robot in the grass is a little hard to see.



I just love it! The neon-yellow leaves give just a perfect contrast to the greyish robot! Could be the cover of some comic :slight_smile:


Absolutely brilliant, i love mecha myself, so… rigid…

Heh, mechs are cool, that’s a cool pic


really incredible mecha, and superb rendering!
good job!


yes good rendering i like the robots
check my web page


I love it! Great model and sweet atmosphere. The sky and the leaves make it look really dramatic. Maybe the leaves close to the grass shouldn’t be so bright, because you don’t expect much sunlight reaching them down there. But that’s just a tiny nitpick…


thats pretty slick man, i like it :slight_smile:


great design man, this is excellent. :slight_smile:


Very nice rendering and lighting. I like hte movenment of the wind and the fact the you can’t see everything thats in the picture…since that brings out the enviroment more


Thank you guys for your generous comments, helping me to create more new artworks. :slight_smile:




Excellent work. I like the values most of all. The scene has a lot of depth(visual depth). Wireframes and progress shots would be cool to see. =)


here comes your wireframe pleasure :slight_smile: enjoy


This is from a total outsider wich doesn’t have any knowledge about 3d modeling yet;

It looks uber cewl! From the pages I looked in in this forum, this one striked me the most!

It kinda looks like the Master Chief of halo. sure hope to see this thing walking around in the Halo II sequel!


nice level of detail mate, i like overal colors and contrast between sweet yellow leafs and killing huge robot :slight_smile: its good, keep on man :thumbsup:


Looks pretty cool.