Shrink wrap resizing issues


shrink wrap resizing.c4d (154.5 KB)


Apply PSR procedurally to result of shrink wrap without affecting or duplicating the target.

Red shows original shrink wrap. White shows goal (that cheats by duplicating the target). Gray shows problem: Applying PSR to shrink wrap or containing null changes only the pre-wrap object.

What I want is to essentially shift priorities (tried shift priorities tag w/ no luck) such that it performs shrinkwrap first, and then allows PSR to be applied to RESULT (like scaling up to get white version) without:

  1. Duplicating the target

  2. Making it editable (need procedural workflow)

  3. Altering original target (need to be able to do this multiple times with same target)


I want to help, but I don’t understand your question/objective.


Not the easiest thing to explain.

I’ve worked out a completely different approach to the original context, but the crux here was that I have a dynamic high poly object, and wanted multiple shrink wraps of it in specific and irregularly spaced sizes with each referring to a common target.

Red is unscaled. If you scale up, but don’t scale the target with it, you get the gray (no good). If you scale up and do scale the target with it, you get the white (good)… but the red breaks (not good) because you’ve changed the common target.

The goal is to instead scale the post-shrink object, or the result of the shrink wrap so it looks like the white example… but doesn’t change the original target, so the red still works as well, and you can do the same again with different scaling again using the same target.

I had a similar challenge the other day where I wanted a few clones, but had to place them in very exact irregular locations and rotations. I may just need to dive into cloner options to see if I can do this kind of thing with per-step specifics (exact irregular scale per clone in this case)