showroom style lighting


Anyone know of a good tutorial for getting that showroom style lighting most commonly seen in car ads? I’ll try to see if I can find an example to show, but its that lighting where there seems to be like panels above the subject?


here i explained a little bit how i did the McLaren…hope it helps


thank you for that link…


Yea, often times there is panels above the cars that help with reflecting lights.

A simple way to mimic this is simply to create 4 boxes that have no height



Above the car, and scale up/down accordingly. Crank up the reflectivness and you have the reflective panels that you need.


I agree with using white rectangular polygons to create hilite reflections, but if you crank up the reflectivity on the car too high it will end up looking extremely fake !

I have a found a better option is to increase the luminosity of the white polys, sometimes to over 100%, this makes them much stronger in the reflections without having to increase the reflectivity of the car body.


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