~ShowReel2005~ [wip]


Working on my new showreel, let me know what you guys think

~showreel2005~ Work In Progress




awsome work man. My first impression was that it was too fast, i realize it may be hard to slow it down if you work on bits and peices of things but thats jsut me impression, I would hire you for some technical job for sure, if your looking for a character animation job i just dont knowm i think there probably was some awsome character animation in there somewhere but it all went by so fast. Also some of your work got lost in the video stuff. That is kind of a double edged sword, either your stuff is so awsome it looks like video or your stuff is hidden behind it. it can be seen either way although im fairly sure its the former. yes, im kind of rambling, just make it slower, thats it…unless you want a technical job then its awsome so far but it still needs some breaks in the action, different beats to maintain interest.


Very cool work! I like it alot. It looks like an effects reel and in my humble opinion I wouldn’t make it much longer than it is… I think you’ve got enough there to hook any good studio. Honestly, I’m very impressed. Good work.


Thank you for the feedback… i dont plan on going much longer at all… i just need to add a few more clips and then do my intro and outro



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