Showreel (student), Kjell Emanuelsson (3D)


Title: Showreel (student)
Name: Kjell Emanuelsson
Country: Sweden
Software: After Effects, Maya, Photoshop

My showreel/webportfolio is finally finished!
I graduated SOFE this summer and been busy working
all summer, and so, here it is! Hope you like it!
More info:
The main project consists of three characters (“Hero”, “Soldier” and “Soldier 2” aka “The Bastard”),
thought to be used in a short animation. I suggested a collaboration to a couple of friends so that we
could each focus on our own area of choice. Designs, textures (and project lead) was mine.
Daniel Law focused on rigging and animation (still in progress), and David Schumacher on modelling.
Backgrounds and stuff for the animation is still under production. (For my personal reel I also added the
characters I textured/designed from the “Light the torch” musicvideo, see my homepage for more details).
Direct link to my showreel:
HighQ DivX 42MB Link
LowQ DivX 12 MB Link
Please visit my new homepage as well!
Please critique & comment!


great !!! :buttrock:


i like your reel alot. You’ll get a job pretty soon. Good luck on that.


Absolutely gorgeous!

Excellent Characters Design and Texturing!


You’ve got some great texturework going on there. And the modelling is great as well.
Just top notch.
Maybe the editing could use a little more work.
If the characters are rigged, then it could be an idea to pose them in some interesting poses?


Thanks for replys guys!

Flesser: Yeah, your absolutely right about the editing and the rigging. Perhaps I (and most) have seen so many reels like this that it becomes “obvious” to do them in skinpose…mm.


Beautiful Kiel, Absolutely beautiful!

I have been waiting on this real for a while, and you defiantly didn’t let me down. Your texture skills are just so impressive.

I would really like to see those guys in motion
hope you and the team continues working on them

Just hoping some one can see your talent and offer you a really nice job!



Very nice job. Congtats!


That’s really a good job.
ESP on the textures:bounce:


wow I loved I mean LOVED that bunny guy


Excellent! :slight_smile:


Wow, those models are incredible, wonderful textures. You’ll go far I’m sure.


whats with the server ?
i cant download it, i wanna see !!!


Your textures are amazing! I just love the way the leather looks on the hero! Your soldier boys are really creepy:scream:
Great work!

(SOFE :buttrock:)


Wow. Amazing modelling and texturing. You have some creepy characters there. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks guys! Very nice to see the positive remarks on textures (since that’s my focus) !
Any dislikes? The music was really hard to pick, so I just went with something…Italian moviescores…I like :wink:

Thell: Seems to be working now. The server is a bit unpredictable at times.


wow! all around amazing reel


Very nice reel, the austere quality in your textures are very effective . You successfully set a grim mood. Great job:thumbsup:


excelent, congratulation:bounce:


Words cannot describe how amazed I am right now.

Truly fantastic work. (I know I said words cannot describe it… but I am trying :))