ShowReel or DemoReel


What’s the difference between a Show Reel and a Demo Reel.

I think a Show Reel is video of finished production work that you have done, and a Demo Reel is a video of work that shows your skills and talents.

But, I don’t get what’s the real difference. When should you use a Show Reel, and when should you use a Demo Reel.


I’ve never considered there to be a difference personally.


I see a show reel as an overall showcase of production work. More generalistic. Showing off finished shots from animation through to compositing. Studios generally have show reels.

A demo reel is specific to a certain area when you are looking for work. Animation reel, modelling reel, fx reel, etc.

That is just my personal inerpretation.



In CG, there’s no practical difference, even though some people differentiate between them. Completely interchangeable.


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