Showreel: Moritz Krappel, Moritz Krappel (3D)


Title: Showreel: Moritz Krappel
Name: Moritz Krappel
Country: Germany
Software: Maya, Xsi, Photoshop, Afterfx

since i’m going to graduate in a few days, i thought it might be a good idea to post my showreel for i’m looking for a job.
most things in the reel were entirely done by me.
see the onscreen infos…
you find my reel here:

its about 20mb and divx5.03 compressed.
here are some pics from the reel:


Hey ManiaX, I’m currently downloading your reel (heh… dial-up), but from the pictures, it looks like it’s going to be pretty awesome. I really like the cool ‘title screen’ with the robot holding the cd - it caught my attention, which is good for a reel.

I’m not a reel expert… heh, I wouldn’t even consider myself a good artist, but I’ll let ya know my ‘amateur’s opinion’ after I’ve watched it.

: )


Very nice.
There are some cloth problems but still good.
Viewing the demo reel I have no Idea what position you are applying for. Just make sure your resume states what it is and hope they like.
Good Luck,


Wow, it’s perfect! Maybe the cloth moves little bit strange, but it dosn’t matter :o).


i like the song you use but not on a demo reel! I felt like i was concentrating on the song and not on your work. A employer will look at your reel and say that if this guy can’t pick a song how is he going to make other artistic choices. Also i know where that the song came from but let’s say the empolyer dosen’t. It is always bad to put an inside joke in your demo reel.


hey thank you for your repiles so far!
@Starwalker and Tango:
yes, you’r right, the cloth (syflex btw.) is far from perfect. but i had to finish it.
i had a very tight deadline, and my teammate left… so i had to do everything on my own:-(

thanks. i think all the time about changing the song…
it was a hard desicion to take this song. and if it will be a problem, then i will change it.
what music should i take instead?

oh, and for the application. i plan to apply at smaller companies where i can work in different positions.


i changed something. i added another scene. it’s short, but i think it fits well. kept the music:-)

here’s a pic…


QUOTE=YerEvilTwin]i like the song you use but not on a demo reel! I felt like i was concentrating on the song and not on your work. A employer will look at your reel and say that if this guy can’t pick a song how is he going to make other artistic choices

I heard many employers turn the soud off while watching demos, unless it has lipsync on an animation reel. So hopefully it will not affect their opinion on the quality of your work, it is obvious you can do beautiful work and for some they might like the song.


Hey Moe! Nice Reel you got there!

I wish you good luck in the future!
And thnx for helping us out!



Why on earth the Canyonero song from Simpsons? It was just weird. Its like using a Weird Al song or something… how can we take the visual seriously?
ANyway. yeah the visual is real good, but as someone said, make sure its clear what kind of job you’re applying for. No one needs a “digital artist.” From the looks of it, you’re strong in lighting, compositing, texturing… thats a job. And I dunno what everyone means… the cloth looks pretty good to me.


Even though it’s pretty standard, I might suggest going with a cool drum and bass song. It won’t stand out as much, and it will allow people to focus on your work. If you don’t like that sort of thing, I’d just choose something that’s not quite as “loud” if you understand what I mean. I’ve never really done a whole demo reel before, so I could be completely wrong about this.


I’m not sure about the music you picked it doesn’t see mt ofint with the reel. usually music with no words works better. I like your environments and the cloth simulation the animation seems pretty basic though. Looks like you put more effort towards the rest. Although the touching of the stone face in your last shot feels pretty good.


thanks for your comments so far.

hey, it’s funny that everybody talks about the music. i think, it was a good idea at last:-)
and more people recognize the song than i thought. then why not an employee?

with this reel i won’t apply as an animator, that’s right. the animations of the boy and the angel were done by a friend of mine.
and it’s no absolute necessry that companies contact me. if they do, fine. but i want to look for them. so i can describe my strong skills more precisely depending on the job i want…


Love the modeling, but why did you use some music from The Simpson. The music seem out of place.


ok folks, i give up:-)
i’ll change the music, as soon as i’m back from the siggraph…


very nice reel…


Damn, now that is a very nice reel, realy nice :thumbsup:


Great stuff! No critiques from me (except for the sound track hehe)


The music is just hilarious. I just can’t keep Homer out of my head. Anyway, I really like your reel. You have strong modeling skills and feel color and lighting. The cloth simulation seemed a little odd around the shoulder area. Besides that, great work, and good luck on finding a job!


i can’t download !???


I too felt the song was distracting. Also, for some reason, the reel seemed a bit disjointed to me.
Obviously, you can’t tell a story in a few quick clips, But It just seemed like there was no real rhyme or reason to the order of the clips or the shots chosen. I’m sure there was, but it seemed like a guy floating lifelessly in the water wasn’t really showing off what you do, which I am not sure what it was, Was it rigging? I thought most of the characters showed little emotion and had blank expressions on their face. I’m you have some skill, but I thought you could have showcased it better with more clearly staged expressive animation.
It seemed just as something was starting to happen, you cut to another shot and that was it. I’m just giving my thoughts on where I think you could improve your reel, so I hope your not offended or hurt by this one’s opinion. Whis you success! :buttrock: