Showreel feedback



I’m a self-taught 3D Artist currently looking for entry-level VFX jobs in London. I’m looking to focus on modelling, and possibly texturing, so I’ve put together a short showreel focusing on hard surface modelling while I continue to work on organic modelling and sculpting. I’ve got applications in with a lot of the studios but I’m not getting anywhere fast, so comments are much appreciated.



that gun was really nice!
all in all nice modeling!
idk how many openings there are for JUST hard surface modelers out there though.
you probably want to go as far as fully texture/materials on your models as well.


Some great work on there would like to see some still shots and textrues but overall nice choices for a jr artist reel. any props or panes that fit into games or comercial work is good to show.*

The spin is way to fast 1.5 *turns and slow it down;)You dont have to texture everything but one sold texture will show me you possess the skill set.

Post an update when you have it.*