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Greetings fellow animators!

I’ve recently finished my brand new showreel for my 3d company and would like to share it with you :slight_smile: I spent like three weeks compositing it, including re render in hd, integrating old material and doing some new (landscape). The showreel is finished so nothing more will be done (probably) but you’re more than welcome to share your opinions :slight_smile:

The showreel can be seen here:



Hmm… No one has any opinions whatsoever? Nothing positive nothing negative?


Let me help you out then. Mind you, I am in no way experienced in the 3D industry, only been a student for half a year now, but I’ll try to describe some of the things that stood out for me.

The bubbles at the beginning. Great idea, but they gave me a feeling of you not really knowing how to animate a merge properly. The point where the bubbles transformed into your logo seemed to “elastic” and it bounces around too much for my taste, but that could just be me. I like your logo by the way, simple but effective.

After that, the face with the neon around it. Really well done. Everything was great, modelling, camera movement and the neon lights, looks really cool.

The flythrough in the mountains is a great piece aswell, although the camera seems to snap to the next position sometimes, breaking he smoothness of the movement. I especially like your lighting here.

The walkcycle of the monkeylike character in the “Vent Litt” thingy seems off to me, but I’m no great animator so I could be wrong. Still, it looks like he has wooden planks for joints.

The rest of your reel is pretty neat, with the exception for the building site thingy, thats just too gray and boring. Unless its for a company presentation of some kind, I wouldnt include it in my reel, but then again, I don’t know the purpose of this particulair piece of work.

All in all a nice reel, with some little gripes here and there that could be easily corrected. Now dont get me wrong, I am a mere student, but these are just some things that stood out for me.

Congratulations, you earn a banana :smiley:


i think overall you have the bases for something good, but at the moment it feels disjointed.

As it’s a demo reel to advertise your commpany, my suggestion would be keep your company logo in one of the corners of the screen, so your allways advertising yourself.

State what it is that your offering, e.g. the 3d architectural renderings, state this as the images appear. People do need to be told exactly what your company can provide, all the skills that it can provide.

In terms of your demo reel, the intro is fine to me, the charcter with neon lights is cool, i like it, but don’t know what it’s for, is this your companies mascot or do you offer chracter design, modelling, rigging?

The 3d landsape is nice, only thing for me is there’s no focal point, you just flyby with no real points of interest in the landscape, e.g. when you pan along the mountin tops at the end you pass a lake, if something interesting was there you could fly into that area and it gives and ending to the journey.

As for the vent lit character the walk is a bit weak, really it lets your demo reel down there.

The house looks good, not 100% matching the environment in look, but it’s good, but it’s very short/quick you don’t give the viewer enough time to register it.

The contstruction clip, were there building a rig or something, not good, it cuts quick, things appear then disapear really quickly, then something flashes up at the end and i don’t know what it’s supposed to be. all very fast and confusing really.

The grey rendered building, is nice but again you just fly around it with no point to it, you should highlight a part of the building, the door details, something, otherwise it just swingng back and forth.

I like the robotic millipied creature thing looks good, but again just to fast not enough time to understnd what it is etc…

sorry to ramble just trying to be honest, my main things:

  1. shots to quick, don’t give enough time for viewer to register them.
  2. unclear what your company is offering, e.g your skills, like modeling, compositing etc…
  3. no clear focal point in your flyby clips, show of the details
  4. cut your reel so all items are together, e.g all buildings clips together, characters clips together, don’t chop and change so much.
  5. really like your first character and you get me hooked, tell me what you do at that point, otherwise as a potential client, i lose interest as don’t know what your company is selling.

Hope it helps, if not you only wasted a minute of your life reading this.


Hey guys, and tnx for your replies!

Tnx! Ppl tell me different. Some hate my logo. Hehe. But I don’t care. I like it :slight_smile: But the printing companies hate my color. :wink:
I’m aware of the merging. I tried using particles and goals. This worked out ok, but not perfect. It seems a little elastic, I know. I’ll try to look into it whenever I have time.

Woah! That was like the easiest part. Done for the purpose of the showreel only, but started as an avatar for forums. The face is actually a caricature of me. Kinda funny when I show the reel to a customer. They stop for a second, slowly turning their heads towards me :wink:

I had some troubles with the jittering in the whole reel. I’m not sure what this is. You see it in the big grey building too… Must be some kind of keyframing in the video codec.

Hehehe… Yeah. It sticks out. Some people love it, some people hate it. It’s a cartoon character from a book (Vent Litt = Hey wait) by a famous norwegian cartoonist called ‘Jason’. He’s got really strange books, and his audience isnt the regular teenager or typical cartoon reader. More ‘art’. He probably looks a bit stiff, and thats ok. It just adds to the strange impression the viewer gets from the whole animation. We’re now working on the commercial project with another book from Jason. Will probably be shown on different film festivals as soon as we’re done. Probably this summer.

Hmmm… It is kinda boring, although it was even more boring with textures. I didnt finish that prosject as I wanted, but I still feel the modelling is kinda cool. And so does customers. At least they who speak their mind. Though I wish I had something more to fill in here, cus two long clips of that building can be really boring. I wish to use it though, cus I want customers to see I can do buildings aswell.

Tnx for the banana! :wink: Even though your are ‘just’ a student I really value your opinions!


I agree. Ppl often don’t understand things we take for granted. I’m not sure about the logo, but to state what I can offer whenever their respective clips diaplay might be a good idea :slight_smile:

Look about. It’s me :wink: I know it’s a bit different, and some might not understand what it’s for, but I liked the way I integrated it with the intro, and since it’s a caricature of me I’ll probably leave it there. Nice to hear you like it :slight_smile: Really really strange, cus this was just something I ‘put together’. I saw it in my head, and I created it almost like in my head.

It’s nothing particulary interresting in the landscape, though the mountain you see there is Norways second highest mountain. I climbed it some months aga and really wanted to model it. Experimented some with Vue 5, and ended up using it in the reel. Mainly because I wanted some landscape at that point, and mainly because most my customers will recognize it. Most… not all.

Look above. Sad to hear you thing it does negative for my reel though. I might replace it with something else from the new commercial project for the cartoonist when it’s ready.

Yeah, it’s a 90% match. Didnt manage the rest. I’m no leet animator or designer, but I’m ok. I run my company too so I need to be both artist and entrepreneur. I didnt find it short though. Is it? I matched it for the music. Would it be better to not pan as much? Maybe Just leave the camera a bit closer to the building?

Well. This is offshore oil stuff, and not supposed to make sence for all people. My offshore customers will probably like it though. It gives an example of what their CAD models and equipment can be visualisated to. This is also a work in progress project which starts again soon. Then I might replace with more animation instead. That will probably be less confusing.

Look above. I’m not sure what details I should look closer at. I felt that was kinda what I did. Showing the windows and the details around them, the door, the fences etc. But you feel it should have more of an ‘ending point’ … a ‘meaning’? I’m not sure I can give you one :wink: Though I want to add another relative project there. When time comes.

I like it too! :slight_smile: Although it doesnt have any meaning… Either. Just a model.

I calue your opinions and I’m agreeing to some of them. Customers, and viewers will always mean different. Some will like one thing and hate the other, and vice versa. I envy the artists here at cgtalk getting only positive comments, getting their work at the frontpage and getting a lot of stars. I dont know how they do it. However:

The reel is quick. My last one was too slow. I agree with the ‘product briefing’ - will do. Nice to hear you like the first character so much, and that others do too. I’ll try to make use of that, and ‘keep the customer interrested’.

Tnx again!


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