Showreel 2005


Hi everyone,
Here is my Showreel, just would like to get some feed back. I am trying to work as an animator but I ended up having a certain number of models. Thank you for your comments.


That dancing skeleton is hilarious! The other animations are good too.

Everybody watch that reel!


well, a lot of people watching but no comments whatsoever so I suppose I’ll just have to make up my own mind or follow Creature’s opinion, thank you for your comment Creature.


great job man…way to go.
Are you working by yourself or out of school?.Anyway anim are very nice.
Contact me by Pm.



Don’t you just hate it when people won’t comment on your work good or bad, well, anyways, the reel was very good. I liked the crab and the skeleton the best though, very good movement for the both of them.


I think alot of your animation curves need to be cleaned up alot. Some very “floaty” movement. Break up the tangants on your curves, especially that guy on the motorcycle and the cupid. The lizard on the floor…I don’t think his head and body had any secondary at all. Your models need alot of work, if you are going for animation then you should cut out the modeling (robots and motorcycle) entirely- they arn’t helping you at all. Your reel is way too long, i didn’t watch the whole thing. You should cut out at least half of this stuff.


THe skeleton animation is nice. And so are some of the models.


over all it a nice reel but i think the animation after the dancing bag of bones (which was good but hard to see cause it so small) was i little pose to pose , get the arcs on the go check out keith langos site


prety good variaty there…

but was not clear on wot ur strength is…
but definately some good anims and some good models too…
hey have u included some of ur old works in it too? because i cee some differences in the quality of the work…few being very good and few average…eg. skeleton dancing vs guy on the bike.
well overall…nice reel :slight_smile:
Sachin S. Suryawanshi.


Thank you for all your comments guys, I did take of quite a lot of old work but left some also. Is there an obvious difference of quality between some of them or they could all sit together on the same showreel ?
Another thing, I have started learning 3D for the animation but have some modeling, I don’t have any specific preferences between the two of them and I am desperate to get a job so I thought I will put all my best stuff on this demo-reel (animation and modeling).
Do you thing that’s a good thing to do ?


I thought the skeleton dance was good, but simple, very repetitive somehow. get more stuff in there, invent more. the other animations are not as good, maybe the crab is, but a lot of your reel is messy - what’s your focus??? if it’s character animation, then 90% of this reel should go down, I think… the reel is too long and too uneven - good stuff paired up with cheap 3D (sorry) - take out the cheap stuff and focus your reel, that would be my advice.


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