showing off a bit of my comic style


These sketches are about 100k each (theres 2 of them).
Just thought I’d get some feedback on my comics style.
these probably took me about 1-2 hours each…they’re just comps from my sketchbook, and they were drawn full size on 17x14 paper( I always try to draw big). hope you like!


Hi there

First, I think they are both great drawings. If, as you say you were going for the comic book style, you’ve probably got it.

I’d just add a couple of nitpicks, nothing too serious:

1st drawing of the black girl (I assume she’s black because of the afro :slight_smile: ) - the right shoulder seems too big(I know there’s armor, but it seems unbalanced), and the left hand seems to need a bit more work.

The 2nd drawing - well, maybe just her breasts, they look a bit strange, and perhaps her shoulders too, they seem a bit too big. Aso, the shading is a bit strange, particularly on her arms.

Anyway, it’s easy to criticize, but hard to create, so in all, I think you did a great job.


thanks Pedro glad you like them…

yeah I always tend to notice the little proportion breaks after I step back from it, as I mentioned, I draw them fairly large and sometimes just forget to step back from them and check my proprtions.

these are just sketchbook examples so I tend not to go too overboard with the finishes on each piece, its mainly just to keep me drawing. usually when I do something like a painting or a full illustration for black and white or color I’d send a lot more time on them.

thanks for the crit!


Great drawings! I like the Pheonix…maybe you can smooth out the lines a bit and the hands look a bit small with short fingers, but overall they great… Did you work in the comic biz or do you want to? Just curious:D


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