Showing keys in graph editor


Is there a way I can link the timeSlider to simply display ALL keyframes that are displayed in the graph editor ?

I dont mean in relation to time ( e.g, my graph editor is showing keys from frame 1 - 100, but my timeSlider range is only set to 40 )… i just mean any keys that are in the graph editor!

I have connections driving some transforms, but when I select the object ( in this case a simple cube ) i cannot see the keyTicks in the timeSlider, only the black curves in the graph editor.

( i am controlling a cube with a combination of animcurves piped through a plus minus average )


Hi Cameron,

not quite sure if I have understood it correctly… however don’t have maya here at the moment so can’t test anything at the moment… so will have to wait until I get home…

however maybe you can use some of the things from this script in this thread…
scrub keyframe script… -->

kind regards



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