Show Us Your Own Layout!


If you use a customized layout post it here, it will be interesting to see people’s workflow base :thumbsup:

PS Use the default color scheme please, not aqua or blueberry or…


Here’s mine . . .

See this thread:

I’m considering redoing mine using groups. Just a matter of finding the time!



mine will all be changing in a few days, not that I got a new card and a powercord for my second monitor, I’m back in business :wink:


Here’s the left half of my layout:



And here’s the right half of my layout:





Whoops… that was Right… this is Left :slight_smile:



simple … but a lot of space :slight_smile:


I use pretty much the default layout, just resize it abit…
ichdabln, do you only open the textures window when you need it then?


no it is in the attribute editor - see the tab on the right side (materialien)


ah, good idea, i’ll try that some time, looks like a much more efficient way to use the space




I have a slightly different layout for animating.


here’s mine (1600x1200) :wavey:


@ ThirdEye_01:

PS Use the default color scheme please, not aqua or blueberry or…

:shame: :wink:

Your layout seems effective, but it´s hardly readable as is –> as a .jpg. Could you post it as a .gif file (16 colors should do) sometime? Would be nice - thanks!


The problem is the maximum size limit, that now has been lowered to 20k :hmm: Btw i try to use my webspace now, let’s see what happens… And you’re right, i forgot to change the color scheme, i change it now and i repost it, sorry


here’s mine, sorry for the error :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh - u don´t have to feel sorry about it - I was merely joking. Now I feel bad! Anyway - thanks a lot for reposting - I appreciate it!

20k :surprised Jeeeeeez :annoyed:

well - it´s a lot of images beeing posted every day, so I guess the server is slowly reaching a limit - to bad.


i know, quite late on this, but i finally have access to my website again :slight_smile:

program is set to english (normally i run it in german) and to standard-scheme (normally it’s in aqua)

it’s my animation-setup. only difference to my modelling-setup is, that i close the timeline, f-curves and such and open the materials and the coordinates as i need them.

screen is 1280x960 on a 19’-screen


hey cosmic bear!
I realy would like to check out your text based interface. could you be so kind and make the saved layout file downloadable?

that would be great:applause: