Show us your Mad Skillz


Heres a nifty Online Drawing program I came accross.

And heres one I made earlier

Now, your turn!


Thats the best program online I’ve seen so far. I’ll play around with it lil’ later…

Cheerz and thanks

Tommy Lee




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Cool site


Hey guys,

there’s a special thread in the Daily Sketch Forum dedicated to this kind of apps, you can join and show your madskillz there :slight_smile:

fangs, a lil sketch


Oh my god,
I love this painting tools very much. Eventho it suck that we don have tablet sensitivity option, no adjustment for pencil size and gesture options. But it’s fun to sketch mindlessly sometimes.

Here’s mine.



AWESOME!!! Saladfingers!!!:thumbsup:


haha… can’t stop myself from doing it.


Hey don’t stop guys, pretty cool sketches!


Hey u!

I suck, but that’s a great way to take a break and keep the brain juices flowing.


I am so very, very bored.


I kinda lost direction… but Ull get my gist


Hmm, so this is what Bob Ross used! I always wondered how he used to do that so quickly.

I’m amazed by the quality of some of the drawings here and in the sketch group thread, very nice! :thumbsup:

P.S. Does anyone know why the paint bucket takes so long to load in my drawing?

#15 :slight_smile:


Ok my turn

Here’s my wacom workout

This was fun. Pitty it got rather slow near the end but hey I can always switch to photoshop :slight_smile:


ok i was tempted at work :stuck_out_tongue:


mine is hot n sexy yo.

I pretty much got bored once i drew the mouth… lol… if you cant tell


here is mine

whoever checks this out will be very dissapointed


well heres my pathetic attempt :stuck_out_tongue:

it started out as a star… then a woman, then a man, then a dwarf… :stuck_out_tongue:

i suck at lips and perspective… but lips i really suck at :stuck_out_tongue: (good ol eye scars)

t-man - thats hilarious :smiley:

EDIT- oh and it didnt help i was only using my mouse :stuck_out_tongue: