Show us your favourite painting


Like it says in the title, show us a picture of your favourite painting.

I know there are stickies for various arists but not many people will have time to browse them all (artrenewal alone would take about two years to browse properly) so maybe we could have a thread of concentrated coolness and people might discover some really cool art they weren’t previously familiar with.

To start this of, here's "The Lady of Shalott" (1888) by John William Waterhouse.

I [i]really[/i] struggled to choose a single painting but this one just edged out "Ophelia" and "The Tempest" in the end.

So, what’s yours?


Great idea this thread ! I think I am going to love the art discussion forums. Anyway here is (one of my) favourite(s) :

I have seen this picture for real and it was amazing, as if Rembrandt was there himself, as if you can see his character. It seems so easily painted, almost casual, and I guess at this age he had that mastery.


Ridiculous that anyone has an actual favourite. But here’s one I like.

Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes.
I wish he’d do something soon. :sad:


me luvs dali.


Way too many to list. I’d end up listing over 100 paintings.


Ernie Barnes: Sugar Shack always remembered this painting from watching Good Times when I was a kid.


That’s hanging above my fireplace! :smiley:


Well rather than listing them just show us a really, really cool one then…


On luxurious velvet


Same here (at my old place, when I had a fireplace). With Wine-red metallic frame.


John Singer Sargent’s Lady Agnew of Lochnaw

JW Waterhouse’s La Belle Dame Sans Merci

Herbert Draper’s Lament For Icarus

Nicolai Fechin’s Mrs. Fechin and Her Daughter (can’t find an image online).

Jeremy Lipking


Tidus by Yoshitaka Amano… can’t find the damn picture though! I almost bought the original at an exibition in Tokyo, but I needed the money to get home!:smiley:


Rob, that Sargent was one I considered posting.

I’m not sure is have a favorite, but I love this painting:


…And I looove “The Lady of Shalott”, beautiful!


…and I looove “The Lady of Shalott”, beautiful!


this one, by Konstantin Vasilyev, is one of my absolute favourite paintings. :slight_smile: and i think his very last painting that he did…
the old man stands like a pillar between the sky and the earth, a candle lighting his features, the owl - wisdom - perched attentively on his arm, and the artist’s own name burning on the parchment at his feet…


Too many to choose from; but this one of Schiele’s is one of my ‘favorites’ :



sorry didn’t realise the Lady of Shallott had already been posted…



J.S Sargent?? absolutly agree


William Bouguereau:


Jonas Lie-Record’s Morning on the River

Joaquin Bastida’s Oxen on the Beach

Both of these are hanging in Rochester’s Memorial Art Gallery. God I love that place :love: