show us your costum UI


i was wondering if anyone has tried to change the colours of thier UI. if you have, what are you waiting for? lets see it!

i just thought of this thread because i think the maya UI is so damn ugly.
i also have to say- i think 3ds is kicking maya ass in the looks department…dont take it personaly, its the thruth.

ps: im a max man


Ahh…UI smooI
the less interface the better
marking menus,command line,help tray,component and object tray…thats about it for me…3dmax is way too cluttered…
the only thing i want is maybe marking menu color change but thats it…


I’m not sure if you can change the colors of the UI, but here’s my usual setup:

As I work deeper and deeper, it gets more cluttered. That’s a 1024x768 res originally, by the way.


And about Max:

I’ve seen Max for a short while and personally I think Max’s UI is uglier than Maya’s.:wink: To say that one looks better than the other and claim it as truth is to declare yourself a moron. :shame:

Really just a matter of personal taste.


3dmax is way too cluttered

as a max user im going to have to disagree with that. maybe maxs default ui is. but looking at that shot Shinova posted id say id have as much.
i know youre after maya layouts but ill just post my max layout to show my point. 1280x1024.


If the background portion of that Max UI was black, it’d be cool-looking.:stuck_out_tongue:

The default light-grey one kinda sucks.


thats still too cluttered…
i dont even leave the channel box panel open in maya unless i am useing it…
the attributes i open in a new window then close it when im done…
marking menu i say,marking menus for all applications…hehehe


3ds Max at least doesn’t have, what…5 or 6? layers of menus (the top ones).

Keeps things out of the way not hard to access, but that’s a lot of menu items. :stuck_out_tongue:


who needs UI when u have hot keys and marking menus hehe
ctrl+a brings my attr edit , crtl+a takes it out, Shift+#hides all UI,
Shift+$restores only selected UI (shelf 7command line only) ha ha take that 3d max. …
well it all broils down to thow accessible the tools are to the modelor/animator and maya doeas a great job at allowing flexibility for diferent pipelines and studio/home environment


i mean…i dont know…i mean why do you need a interface when you have menus that come from no where and disappear when you dont need them?
lightwave had something similar but the default was to many flyouts to even bother dealing with.
I thought maya was wierd when i first stated useing it then i found you can hide all but the very least of it…Marking menus folks…every app needs them even photoshop…
hit that space bar,get what you want drop the space bar and youre interface is clean and not a prob…


yeah totallly agree with that.


i just think buttons look cool.

when i sit infront of my max ui, i feel like im riding a mech bot. even if i remembered all the hot keys, i would still keep all the buttons on just for that feeling. i thought everyone felt the same. sorry for this thread, its not what i expected.


i feel like im riding a mech robot

well…thats a new one :slight_smile:


well i dont really feel like riding a mech, i dont even like mechs, just exagerating a bit, but you know what i mean.


I don’t use the UI…
Marking Menus/HotKeys control tools/editors etc…

Dual monitor setup, Full screen perspective on Left, Hypershade, Render View, and Hypergraph on Right.


Originally posted by squeezit
i thought everyone felt the same.
Nope. The first thing I do in any app is find a way to turn off the toolbars.


I use maya’s shelves more than the hotbox. Not the default shelves, of course, they have too many buttons. I’ve got a shelf setup for each part of the process, modeling, texturing, rigging, rendering. None for animation though, mostly use hotkeys for that, need all the screenspace possible for viewer and graph editor.


Everything gone exept for the channel box, status line, command line, and help line.

All my regular commands are in hotkeys or marking menus.

As I only have a 15" screen, even though it runs at 1600x1200, I don’t like taking up space.

No custom menus as the moment except for BPT. I also have titan but haven’t been using that lately.


The way it should be:

Im blessed with duals at work though :slight_smile:




hehehe…you know you can get rid of the titlebar also right?
plus you can hid the taskbar for the OS…