Show Reel - Iain Banks 2005


Just finished university a couple of months ago and have been sending out my demo reel. But still aint got that job.

So what do you guys think? Anything i should remove / improve?

The file’s around 20 Mb and you’ll need divx to play it. Should have a quicktime one up soon.


It’s a descent reel but honestly, I would dump the animation bits until you refined that skillset more, it’s unfortunately bringing down a really descent modeling/lighting reel. I would add more models/lighting segments, and when you do get that first job, simply let it be known you also have expressed interest in animation as well. Most small shops require you to wear many hats.

Good luck



hey i like the modelling, but the animation especially when they are talking doesnt look very good. Maybe mute the talking because you can defintely see there are some syncing problems with the mouth and what they are saying.


Hi - I’m not expert so feel free to disregard :slight_smile:

I felt 2 parts were below the standard of the rest:

  1. The guy with the gun and the piggy features
  2. The guy in the helmit talking

The lipsynching wasn’t quite right and the animation was not v fluid. The rest of the demo reel I really liked. The robot on the desk was cute, reminded me of the kids TV show on the bbc, and I liked the animations using the shadow style people, I felt they helped create a sense of isolation about your main character. I think the above two points really stand out as being out of place tho.

Good luck with it :slight_smile:


Thanks all for your replies. I can see what you mean about the character aniamtions and i;m going to either improve them or just replace them altogether. The clips of the shadow style people were from a short animation i did for uni which is on my site.



Some nice modeling and lighting as already stated, and I would definately drop the animation from the reel, as it’s really letting the rest down.

There are 5 main areas that I saw in your reel, Compositing, Modeling, Lighting, Animation, and texturing. Maybe change your full reel to specialise in just one area. Even create seperate reels, if you haven’t decided on an area to go into yet. So you could send out a modeling reel to one company, and a lighting/compositing reel to another etc.

Just some thoughts on that, but you have some really nice modeling and lighting stuff in there, that is let down by the rest. Nice transitions too! :slight_smile: :thumbsup:


I won’t say anything new but i just wanted to say that it’s a good generalist reel apart from the animation (the guy with the gun and the guy with the helmet on) and the aspect that wasn’t too good was lipsynching and the animation itself was a bit robotic. So either better remove those or improve. Good luck!


I agree about the lighting and modeling of the rooms and furniture looking pretty good.
You need to work on human modeling and animation. The anatomy looks kind of strange.
All your men have woman’s hips. The faces and other parts need some attention as well.
I hope that is helpful.


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