Show points of unselected objects & highlighting during planar cut


I’m using some splines as a guide to make cuts. Is there a way to show the points of these splines although they are not selected? Also, when making a planar cut, is it possible to turn off the face highlighting? I see options under filter for component and object highlighting, but neither seem to change this behavior. Much thanks, Kevin


I have a plugin “ShowMe” which I created to display different things that aren’t available by default. It can show (selected/unselected) points of polygon objects in any mode (model/point/edge/polygon) even if object is not selected. Same for edges and polygons. This works for R17 upto R20.
What version would you need? I can have a look to add the feature to display spline points … nothing promised.


Thanks. That would be helpful. I’m currently using R21, but have kept R19 to have the ability to open older C4D files. It’s a shame this isn’t a core feature as it would help immensely during modeling. Any ideas on disabling the highlighting feature during cutting? Thanks again.


I am afraid the highlighting is out of my control. This is internal to the native tool and there is no option to prevent this.
As for the ShowMe plugin, I have uploaded a small demonstration video (running in R20).

A R21 Windows version is available, just provide me an email address via private message to send you the plugin to.


Thanks again. I just pm’ed you.