Show off your favorite piece of lighting


ivanjames: Your artworks are overburned in some places, also modeling is very simple but it is not a place to tlak about that:D

What renderer do you use?


Hey again posted my favourite lighting piece:


just two small tests I did


hi, guys!
who has realistic late evening renders with candle light?


Have you also tried to make a light through a whiteboard? Lets say you use a light source behind a plane, and the plane is a sort of white board that allows some sort of light through.
I tried it out and it works actually pretty good, of course you can do this with out it. But still pretty cool :slight_smile:


Hey everyone, just thought I would post my favorite piece of artwork.

This is part of my Demo Reel. Which is relatively recent work.

I have a few other pieces in my portfolio I love as well, but this is my fav. I will try and make my presence here much more prevalent but I usually lurk and read more than post :slight_smile:

If you are curious, I Lit and textured this scene. The models were provided by Joel Durham.



Gawlee… these last few are amazing. Shave and haircut is really solid. Fantastic textures. The studio setup on the last page is just crazy! Very photorealistic…


dboydesign: Yeah i have done that, actually my whole setup is based around emitting light through thin cloth, just the way the real props work in a photostudio. I’m not cutting any corners. :slight_smile: it works very well, ofcourse it depends on which renderengine you use. In some it works better and in others it works poorly.

phix314: Thank you very much! :slight_smile: i’m glad you like it.

Here are some new images i rendered using a updated photostudio setup. These scenes are prepared and rendered with Modo 401, enjoy! :slight_smile:
Btw, no postwork has been done on any of these renderings. They are all straight out of Modo.

/ Magnus


I’m so happy this thread is still going, despite now being a little embarrassed by the ancient pieces I posted to kick it off.


Nice piece Troy.

Other than the mug, everything looks very “used” and re-cleaned. I like that


Hi all,

This is one of my first work(2007-2008) . done in 3ds max, rendered with mental ray.


I’ve been modeling for about a year and have only recently (like weeks) started experimenting with lighting and rendering. So far this is the one that I’m most please with…any critique is highly welcome.

Made in Maya 2009, rendered with mental ray.


Really amazing works. Some of them not realistic. Nice sharing. If people need more light effects for your works, get right now here like LED Puck Light , LED Interior Bulb and more products with your expectations.

Thanks, Hope this will help you all.


Its not usually what i like to do but i kinda dig the mood it gives me… makes me hungry also lol
BTW troy that image is amazing


Hey thanks for the comments Yeminius, Jeb. Sorry I haven’t been here in a bit, just have been busy with life. Working on new projects all the time.

  • Troy


WOW. Some inspiring work here.
Perhaps one day i will get there. Currently have been working on my 2nd CG project.

Kind of embarrassed showing this.


That’s a great start man :wink:

at first you will love it (and is not a bad thing)… but don’t depend on the sun and sky to make light setups all the time because if you don’t try other light challenges you won’t go too far. (supposing that’s what you want to do later)

best of luck!


Maya software render with occlusion pass. no gi and no fg…composited in digital fusion.


sooo good :open_mouth: :eek:


Wow rajasanthi, that’s very awesome!! Nice work!