Show off your favorite piece of lighting


Done with Maya & Mental Ray


Hi Friends… this work was done using radiosity in max recently…please send in your comments as if what more can be useful into it…


They aren’t nearly as good as what you guys have, but here’s some lighting tests I was playing with today. Unfortunately, it’s nothing more inventive than three-point lighting right now.

The head was a joint-effort between my girlfriend and myself for the US FIRST Autodesk Visualization challenge.


can any one get me a idea of layer renders like specular, color, diffiuse, in maya 8.0

thank you


I think you done very well with your renders here.
You know interior lighting.
You used max and radiosity right.
You should start using vray cause i know with what uve done here your gonna get some awesome renders form vray.Its very good.
Easy to learn also.


Thanks Daggie…i’ll also try that here…


I like the whole pictures and the lighting! it feels very Great .




A scene im working on, this is the basic setup.
More models (maybe aplant, lamps etc) coming. As well as several light set-ups.
This is thus a starting point, so let me know what u think :slight_smile:


plz anyone tell me how to bake light. i m in very tension if any plugin use for bake light


It´s my first realistic render using maya and mental ray, i´m work´s 8 years using 3ds max, and on last year i migrate to maya to works with a render/lighting artist… In this scene i create shaders, lighting, render and comp. Usin maya, mental ray and fusion…


Wow some absolutely stunning pieces of work here! I gotta pull my finger out and start learning more about how to do stuff in Max!


Here’s my new studiosetup including a macrotent for jewelryshots and other small stuff, it’s currently a work in progress and these are some of my testrenders.




Btw, this entire studiosetup will be on sale when it’s finished. :slight_smile:

/ Magnus


Nice! :thumbsup: I had the same idea at some point. Though I really don’t see a practical point, unless it really provides some practical benefits, except from you have a “real” studio and work as a photographer. It’s more for fun I think. :wink:


hi …i want to thank the cgsociety people for bringing up such a plateform where we can learn and grow.
i am new to 3d field and lighting is my fav. part in 3ds max(the only part i know …and thts too a little…lol). all my these renders are in 3dsmax mental ray.




Well I m just a budding lighting artist so the image I m showing need c&c’s plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. these images are my best as far as I m concerned…


hello guys this is my first upload on this forum, i need you critics or anything that you want to say about my image.

thanks guys


Thats an interesting idea, as right now I’m more biased to a photographic render approach. If you finally make a dvd I’ll buying it (if for maya too and not too expensive).

I have a question, do you really get the light go past through the umbrella, or it is just for reflections? (placing light in front)


So much inspirational stuff here.


I completly forgot i posted in this thread until i noticed someone just posted here today. I’m sorry!

mister3d: the benefits of using a correctly built setup like this one is that you have the actual studioprop to work with as then you get a much better sense of scale and realism as you’re planning your “shot”. Because with these props you have to position them and rotate them in place just like you in a real studio would move and rotate a lightingprop for your shot. So this setup will definately give you that real feel instead of using just simple imageplanes or standard emitters in your 3d application. This is like the real stuff!
Also another thing they help improve is in reflective surfaces on objects, you will get proper reflections from these props as you would in a real studio when you photograph anything reflective there, the diffusers and umbrellas all throw a typical looking reflection in a surface. This setup will help you with that too. And much more! :slight_smile:

Dogway: Thanks :slight_smile: these studioprops will be released but not on an actual dvd, they will be downloadable content. And they will come at a nice fair price, don’t worry. They won’t be as expensive as it’s real life items are hehe. About light passing through the thin cloth surfaces, that really depends on the renderengine you use. If it has a sss material which can be applied to singlepoly thin meshes or not. If it has that then yes light can pass through and you will get correct soft light. I have tested this in Modo and it works very well there. More info about when the official release of these props will be announced soon…

/ Magnus