Show off your favorite piece of lighting


Hi Brian and Jeremy.
It’s great to see you guys here, like the good old days on
You guys may remember these. They were done straight after the release of Jeremy’s book.


These ones I have done recently. Am happy with the overall play of light and colours.


the Simpsons versions of Jeremy Birn’s book cover are hilarious!!! :smiley:
I bought that book years ago, and each time i looked to that image, i admired the technical achievement and stunning example of lighting, a clear inspiration for me in those days… now i have a laugh also!!
And they are pretty good btw.:thumbsup:

and the book name is:


[font=Verdana]by Jeremy Birn
a New Riders publication (2000)



all these images have been so inspiring and educational. keep posting them up!!

here are images from my thesis that i finished at ringling in may:


annnnnnd some more (it takes place on a stage so the lighting changes with the mood of the characters)


the 3rd installment


the last ones, promise


Love the lighting choices in your ballet piece. Very vibrant and full of life. Good staging as well. You should post the animation this came from. :slight_smile:


wow, so many great lighting setups, inspirational :smiley:

Here’s a couple of my old things on deviantart (picked lighting favs… feel free to look through others) (gooptastic - realflow+max+vray) (classic max - max_vray) (help - cinema 4d) (empty - cinema 4d)


Many Of my Fav Lighting Scenes are here :::



Oh men! That one is very very nice! I’m working as animator now, but I’m getting more and more intrest about lighting and rendering stuff. Thank you for giveing me some inspiration :slight_smile:


Hi all!!!

Great topic and very beautiful works.

I love lighting and that’s my lasts works.

A friend of mine, Raul Tabajara, create this image for Spetacular Challenge and i only re-light after a time.

And this frames are of Fragments short movie (in production).


great topic!!!great work everybody
this is one of my favorites still even if its now more than 6 years old

done in maya in time before GI and real caustics
second one is painting but still i like lighting and colors hope you too!
done in photoshop+watercolor


a dark day
3ds max radiosity


Hi, im new here ^^

This is my last scene, a light redone from an old one i made long time ago.

Just omni light+small gi


hi nice work

what r the technices did u used for matching sky and land.did u used any fog or else camera
coz iam not getting this look.
it s looking sharp even far away from camera.
can u plz help


zoki: I really like the paiting you have here. You said you used photoshop and wotercolor? does it mean you scanned the painting ans did some Photoshop work, or did you use digital brushes?



This is a render i did in XSI 4.2 using Mental Ray and FG.

Hope you like it!



:thumbsup: Hi all , here is one with Maya , mental ray , …


so im that guy who doesnt think his stuff is up to par but i do hope to get alot of constructive criticism back so i can get better. Heres a loading dock scene i rendered in 3ds max with vray. (hopefully my upload works im kind of new here at cgtalk)