Show off your favorite piece of lighting


Here is a scene in which I used a hdr-image.
No other lights was used. Rendered in Lightwave 8.2.


I ve seen this images a very long time back. almost 3 years back when i just entered in 3d. I was simply amazed to see this kind of work. I was also wondering if this kind of images are really possible . I’m still working on this kind of images. Achieved it few times. Ur style of lighting is very cool and the render is very very good. Did u use any 3rd party renderer?

I’m glad you liked it.[/QUOTE]


what have i done haha


maya software render

render time per frame 800x600 about 5 min on AMD 64 3500+

the lamp is asting some wierd shadows's nice I think :)


my all-time favourite is arlid wiro’s snowtrapper, which is the image that brought me to 3d

this was rendered by arrival from 3darrival…i built a scene with similar geometry becaue i was thinking that this is a photo


This was the bit of work I was most pleased on lighting wise. Also I like the fact that the image only used 2 bitmap textures. Standard Max renderer with only spots and omni lights, no GI.


ballistic: great AM render! lovely lighting. :buttrock:

thirdeye: wow. all three are great. Pooh is my fave tho :wink:

kuui- niiiiice I have a massive soft spot for achitectural pieces… (I’m a frustrated architect at heart) :thumbsup:


Hi all my first post here… I render in maya with 64 lights (dome) and 5 lights for make ambient color.


Hi Diego.
Nice work!
Is it a photo with a modeled ship?
How much time did it take to render?


sorry, that link got brken. here is the new link for the image.

thanks for your time,


Hi Masnado, thx for post, only ship modeled, about render time, 2min. thx again :slight_smile:


Hi Masnado thx for post, only ship is 3d, about render time, 2 mim whith imageplane. thx again.


Hi Diego, nice work.
Do you work in Matrix? I am right?


Hi Philipe, I received the invitation but the Metropolis declared “SHUTDOWN”, lost the contact.

link of a personal project (WIP) with a friend mine. http://

Thx for post :slight_smile:
Diego Avesani


Hey…first post.

Been here since ages.

This is a total wip…Please comment the lighting only.
Im awared about the rest… :wink:

11min - MentalRay 3.4 - Baked GI and FG.

Thanks guys.



I just realized there was a section for Lighting here at CGTalk!!
I think this will be one of my favorite places now to start posting!!

Here is what I have recently do.
I don’t really know if I have a favorite, would be good to see if you like one in particular.
If I had to chose, it would probably be the lock, cause it has something tiny but special in the reflection. Other than that, well, you tell me.


I had a lot of fun doing this little test on shading and lighting… and i learned a lot of course :slight_smile:



ppgingras: looks nice! one thing that is standing out right now is the shadow value. try making it darker closer to the object casting, and then softer as it falls off. also towards the top its very hard to tell whats going on in that super bright white area. nice job though dude


It was rendered with Vray few months ago. I like the beautiful sunshine in the morning. Enjoy.


Hey guys,

I didnt do any lighting before, in fact, bad composition and lighting are the two reasons why I think my stills are always so crappy… I’m now trying to up both skills a bit… cnc is very welcome…