Show off your favorite piece of lighting


great job with the lighting. i’m having a hard time getting the lighting right in some of my scenes when using mental ray. Would you mind posting your lighting setup for me. I would appreciate it…Jophus


I have to dissappoint you - I tryed to rework this scene in Brazil and I lost all the settings :banghead: but I can tell you that I had 3 sphereical area lights in each window(2 in the corridor and one behind the camera), one rectagular area light above the cabinet and 2 omni lights in each lamp. I used photon GI with final geathering - it is quite easy to set up


Firstly there are some great images here!

Here is one of mine. It was from my university disertation project. It was created in maya and rendered using the standard maya renderer so no mental ray or hdri, GI etc.

Just lots of coloured lights, warm and cool colours, and soft shadows.



here’s one of my pics where i like the lighting. was for a cgtalk challenge few years ago.


that is really good work. what software and renderer did you use? it looks really clean and crisp.


Hi, heres probably my best piece of lighting and shading so far, ive only been doing 3d for 6 months, before that i knew absolutely nothing. I was hoping for maybe some crits on this piece. Only took about 4 hours.

First render.

Another render with bump on the floor.


i like the quote you use for your sig…not alot of people know of Aesop Rok…


casesensative - your images are absolutely underexposure - 90% of you image is dark - try to work on that. When you want to achieve night image try to use contrast.


Heres another one i did that i liked. No radiostiy, just standard lights in lightwave.


I have some stuff that’s actually work in progress, but the lighting I kind of like,

this is where I’m headed now but I want the softer lighting back in, haven’t worked on it since I got into filmschool. I guess I now feel more motivated to do something else
Here’s hair rendering of the bat, no reference here. Just to get more out of shag:hair, skylight with gradient for geom and separate light(s) for specular and hair.

And here I tried to match the lighting on the hair from an HDRI, I went for photographic, so think more in terms of tv ccd picture than beautiful :
boring backside:
and fronts:
As you can see she is my first model seriously finished, but I use her for experimenting now.
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Here’s a more recent one.
Softer light for starters, but I’m now looking at it on a cheap tft monitor, so I’ll just let it go.


here´s my fav, made with cinema4D XL6, rendered with Cinema4D XL7 but no radiosity.



I’m a beginner with lighting, I tryed to make realistic enviroment light for my new model. But I have verry little knoledge of light settings, here is a render made in 3ds max 6 with finalrender. You can see the light is bad, how can I make simple realistic lighting. And what are the settings that nesserly, please can someone explane what I need to create and set?


yikes start by posting jpegs instead of bmps… what kind of lighting are you going for?


Hash seems to have finally worked out a pretty nice radiosity implementation for Animation Master, so I decided to re-light an old (1999) scene with it:


No GI or final gathering or anything used in these :slight_smile: I’m kinda happy with the feeling I got from them. Even if they are a bit rough. (Lighting studies)


I edited the images, they were rather large


these are prolly my favorite


I love the pooh image. Nicely done!


nice thread. i like the way it is coming,

here is one from me, i used 3dsmax 6 scanline renderer to render this one. modeled also in 3dsmax. post edited in PS.


very nice textures. Are all handmade in photoshop?