Show off your favorite piece of lighting


here is mine, rendered in brazil r/s.


the level of work here is too high, y need more hours to practice :smiley:


Hmm… if you speak about my work, i must say these are some tests to render fast the indoor scences in brazil. many people interested on speed and quality and they request a tutorial
about it.don’t know whats wrong in your eyes. let me know.thanks.


Very very strong work indeed IMHO,

As a CG lighting apprentice, I have some questions…

-What are the good step to learn and practice CG lighting?

-Is it usual for you to do some post-process to your images in Photoshop-like app, or do you show it straight out the render app?

-What is the most challenging context for CG lighting, in a general way? Outdoor, Indoor, etc?

-Any must-have books? Is Photography books are useful?



I did this image as a tribute to the heroes of 911 for my 2001 Christmas card.


Some great shots everyone! Here’s some stuff I’ll throw in. All done in the standard max render. Lots of bounce light faking.

I had lots of fun lighting this guy:

I had an unhealty obsession with folesent lights for awhile. I really liked the sick stark mood they gave off. Here’s one where I was trying to achive the same mood that they gave me. All standard max render with lots of post work to the colors in PS.

More bounce light faking practice:

I hope you like…


heres some stuff Ive done:

Quictime VR room

Sorry for the overkill :love:


Andrew W & Percy Daman…Your work is unreal. Not only the lighting, but the images and renderings complete the work brilliantly


Thanks jophus! Just representin all of us that dont do this for a living yet :slight_smile: Enjoyed looking at all of your guy’s works.


PercyDaman: If you don’t mind, I would love to know your lighting setup for this image that you created, do you mind sharing it?


sure no problem. i used vray so I put large area lights at all the windows set to really low multipliers. Theres a direct light for the sun. Then I played with exposure settings until I liked how it looked.


Of course…Vray…i have to look into getting it. All nice interior renders that i see are rendered using Vray. I’m using Max6 and messing around with skylights and lighttracer, but i can’t seem to get my lighting right.


I haven’t used it, but I dont think its all that different. Just the way you have to approach it. Oh and speed of course. :thumbsup:


Another hobbyist work, using freeware tools. I guess there is not much else to say. Wings3D is a polygon modeller with the most intuitive interface I ever tried. Feels simply natural. Rendered with POV-Ray, for which I have a great affection and long time experience.


wow very nice work, would be great even if it was rendered with a multi thousand dollar package…


A little image where I tried to work the same way I do in a studio.
Maya Software render

Arturo Chomyszyn


Hello. I must say there is some really nice work being shown on this thread. I am going to tentatively put forth a few shots from one of my favorite projects. Just to see what comes back. I come from a stage lighting background, and I’ve been trying to work with that style of lighting in 3D, but man is it a whole other world in there. As I’m sure you all know. Anyway, enough blathering, here be my tentative first entry to this forum:


I think this is my best one in lighting. Great images you have posted here.


Did you use Vray for your renderer? Nice interior scene, but i noticed that the chair seems a little small compared to some of the other items on the room and why is there a cabinet right in the middle of an opening?


jophus14 - no I used mental ray. It is quite a old image and now Im using Brazil. And the chair I think you are right - I realized it only now. Noone noticed this befor. The cabinet is there for zoning the space between corridor and living room.