Show off your favorite piece of lighting


Hi all another piece, hope you like! Thx.


That is good zartan, I like the colors of this work


Hi miras, thx you!!! :slight_smile:


Hello everyone! I’ve seen so many wonderful works in this thread!

This is my first attempt to Lighting, what do you guys think about?


Here is the link were u guys can have a look to my works


These are some nice exercises!
Overall, I would say that right now all of your work is very categorized. It is either an environment or a character/object over a plain background. If you are looking to have your work considered at an animation company, I would start building some scenes with characters in an environment. Then you can tell the story of what’s happening through the lighting. Is it a scary scene with dark shadows and sharp lines? Or is it a very romantic scene with lots of saturated colors and diffusion? That would be my suggestion for your next step.

If there are any of these projects you are currently working on, let us know and we will give you a critique.



Hey Sermi!

Here are some notes for you:

Red :: Ok. So this little guy is the main subject and his is getting a bit lost. There needs to be something that makes him pop off of his surroundings visually. He needs to be brightened up a bit so he can jump off of that darker background.

Orange :: His blue rim is a good idea, but it is a bit too isolated right on top of his head. Try getting that light to wrap all down his screen-left side. Also, it is a little strong and saturated. I would tone it down just a bit. And there should be a little bit of that cool light felt in the curtains too.

Blue :: These lamps are cool, but they are super bright in this scene. My eye just keeps getting drawn to them and it is hard to see the character. A good test is to squint your eyes and look at the screen. Whatever are is draws your eye when you do that is where the audience will focus when first looking at the image. In this case, it is those lamps. Try toning them down a touch.

Yellow :: The bottom half of this ball is too dark. Look how much brighter the shadow it is casting is on the ground. It is the same shadow and should be roughly the same value.

Magenta :: It is a little bright overall, but I am loving this variation in intensity and color across the floor.

Green :: I am just not buying the exterior. It just feels like a color ramp. Perhaps try comping an image of a night sky out there? Something without a lot of detail since this scene is not meant to be photorealistic.

Let me know if you have any questions.