Should I set up Controllers in Max or MotionBuilder?


Hi everyone,

I’ve just finished to model my facial morph targets and I was wondering If it’s better to create all the controllers in Max or once the Character is in Motionbuilder.
I’m new to Motionbuilder and I don’t even know If I can import controllers from Max. I’m more confortable with wire parameters and I don’t know about MB.
Thank you!!


By controllers you mean (more or less fancy) sliders for morphing percentage?


@domos Exactly, I usually build them up with wire parameters and float limits in Max


To do the equivalent of wire parameters you can use the relation constraints in Mobu:

Controllers are a separate issue. Mobu doesn’t understand Max’s splines so you have to use meshes.


Thank you @munkybutt, I used the character face interface to animate.