Shotgun, reload, Yell - Ogre


These are some cycles done for a company test. Im pleased with them, especially the yell. Probably gonna tweek it out and put it on my reel.

Enjoy. Crits always welcome


I like it but to give a little bit of a critique the first thing I would say is when he closes the shotgun I would put a little more snap into the wrist. When you close a shotgun that loads like that you really want to make sure it latches shut. When I see this it just looks like he raises the gun and it softly closes. I’m just saying add some snap to it. I do like the yell as well.

All in all, It’s pretty nice though. Just my thoughts



just a thought as well is that you might want to work on the timing a bit. a few holds or just keeping the ogre a little more still from time to time. he goes from pose to pose to pose. there really isn’t a lot of staggered timing and it put his body into constant movement all the time. I know you shouldn’t have things completely still but I think it’s a bit too much movement. I don’t know if this makes any sense what I’m trying to say. ha ha.

Also, just on the shotgun, I would agree to add more snap to it and also on the shotgun blast have a little more kickback and recovery.



Ive been working a lot more with trying to add more “moving holds” into my animations becuase of the amount of crits ive recieved about the constant pace or tranisiton between poses. Ill will contiue with that and see i cant get any better results. Also the snap is going to be adjusted, same with the fierocity and anticpation of the yell.

Thanks for the crits.


I noticed something as well. I am constantly having to check myself on my natural rhythems. I rarely notice it in my own work until someone points it out, but alot of my early animations tend to have a rhythemic pattern. Almost like the key frames and poses were set on beats. Yours has that same sort of feel. It’s not extreme, but I did notice that to some degree you could set music to the animation. I also agree with the shotgun recoil. Good start though.


hey there,

couple details …

make the index finger pull the trigger before the shot… cus right now it looks like the bullet goes then he pulls it, it seems like a couple of frames off.

also, after the shotgun goes off the left hand’s … the left thumb curves in, and the rest of the fingers stay there for a little bit… i think the hand looks weird at this time (feeding-bird hand), right before you opened the fingers… i would have opened the hand right when the shotgun comes out of it . just my thought too.

good luck


Excellent crits all around. Ill be revising those animation for my reel ove the next week or so. Ill try and get all those in.

Thanks for the feed back, much appreciated.


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