Shot 02 From Demoreel, Wwfx (3D)


Title: Shot 02 From Demoreel
Name: Wwfx
Country: Canada
Software: Maya

Shot 2 frlom demoreel maya + photoshop + painter maya native render… 1 day to setup… still from 300 frame anim


looks excellent!


especially like the lighting :thumbsup:



yeah the whole magic is alwaiys in lighting


wonderful work!! care to share the lighting setup for this pic? :thumbsup:


i love the mood in this , the lighting is excellent , did you tweak it alot in post? please share your setup and any postwork that you did to it,…cant wait to see it in motion :slight_smile:


Well there is almost none post… Its strait Maya render + shadow pass + very little collorcorection… since all of that is part of animation nothing is faked in Photoshop… this one is still form 300 frame anim check out my other posts here I guess tree are even better lighting setups than on this one

And adain thanx for posts … if u want i can post some screenshots but most of the shadow detail is gobos… anyway


The lighting is aimly amazing as always


Would you mind post light setup for this?


amazing work and great lighting; go Canada.


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