Shortfilm ‘PEPPY’- Love Story NEVER SEEN BEFORE


Hi Everyone,

Here is my short film “PEPPY” done at Hope you enjoy it and thanks for watching.


How far would you go to get close to someone

[color=darkorange]An animated Love Story, starring Bishop in a NEVER SEEN BEFORE role[/color]

In and as [color=cyan]“PEPPY”[/color]
[i][color=yellow][font=Verdana]Is it Love or something else

[color=white]You can watch here:

Short Film Downloads (right click below)
QT H264 - 720x405 11mb
QT H264 - 480x270 6mb

You can also watch my DemoReel :

Demoreel Downloads (right click below)
QT H264 - 720x405 15mb
QT H264 - 480x270 8mb



Dude, congrats on the release of your shortfilm.

I know that there is a ton hard work behind this piece and it shows. I salute you on your perseverance in seeing it to completion. Seriously, I have seen your dedication to improving the details no matter how small.

Nice work.



Nice work dude…:applause: :applause:

like your concept and animation…


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… that was soooooo funny… cooll… very nice music (tabla) and the way he dances on that … amazingg… congrats man… keep it coming…


Hey man, you are a great animator!

You got a very short, but “right on the money” demoreel… :thumbsup:


Ah finally! I still remember you showing me the work in progress during class hehe. Turned out great! I agree with Steve, regarding your dedication to getting everything perfect. Really glad to see it completed. Great animation. The music in the end fits the action well :slight_smile:

Keep it up!



Where can I get a free download of that character. I see the character everywhere, but don’t know where to get it , for Lightwave.



nice reeel … walking style of male character matches to style of Akshay in one indain movie …


Hahaha! I loved it! Very funny, great animation, and all around good story.
Very nice work!


hehehe, ahh it’s funny because it’s easy to empathize with. :smiley:


Hi Everyone,
Thanks for your comments and appreciating the film.

‘ralphwiggam’, there is no free download of this rig. Its part of the course and is made available only to the students of AM.




that guy reminds me of me.:shrug:


Hey Anil, really really nice job. Everyone at the studio was laughing. Good luck with the future, it will really be bright!



aNil Really Awsome stuff
I really Lov the acting of that Guy…heheheh

Sunny (Akshay Kumar) charcater I lov it man…




Gianmichele - Thanks for the comments.

Bigmouth - I am glad that this film reminds you of you:)


Hey, really like the animation of the characters expecially the “dancing walk” part, awesome. Like their expressions. :cool:


Hey Anil.

That was totally awesome. Loved the short. Especially love that dancing walk. It has so much character. Also love the part where he recovers from catching that thing and then the way he adjusts his classes. Just love it. Great acting and very good animation. :buttrock:


Nice animation, definately saw the personality of the male toon come through! Well done!


Yeah, nice work.


lolololol funny stuff, the choice of music on the film was really cool and interesting.