Shortcut to file type


Hi guys.

I am using Photoshop to paint a texture which is UV Mapped onto a 3d model in Modo. I am saving regularly but I always have to scroll down the Format bar to select PNG everytime I want to save.

Is there any way I can assign a shortcut for saving my file as a PNG without having to go to ‘save as’ and scrolling to PNG?

Also on another note, I would like to save some single frame renders of my scene. What is the best file format to save to in terms of quality. JPEG or another one?


Use “Save” instead.

JPEG is lossy.


You could try making an action or a script to save as a PNG.

For saving still images, use 32-bit TIFF, or you can try dabbling in EXR if you really want to play around with the tones of the render later.


just save as a psd. and when your done convert to a png…


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