Short : The Microwave


Hi everyone !

Just a short message to announce you that we’ve put our movie called “The Microwave” In free download on our website.

We’ve done it (with Pierre Lopes, Francois-Xavier Nhieu, Benoit Houtin and myself Jeremie Passerin) during our studies at the European School Of Animation (EESA)

It was a lot of fun and i hope you’ll enjoy it

Download it here :

And visit our website (More pics, and WIP images) :

Some pics from the movie :


That was awesome!..

Great Job…Action Packed and very funny…

Only one crit though…when the cow is shooting at them, I would have loved to see some bullets actually coming out and hitting the ground right behind them…

Apart fromt that…I loved it…Goes straight to my site to be plugged…

5 Stars for you!!!

How long did it take? What software did you use?




I really liked it, made me laugh from time to time. I was hoping for another kind of ending but this was fine too.

kind regards


ENL > Thanx ! I agree for the bullet and a lot of other little things. But we hadn’t enough time… :smiley: About 6 month of production (i mean without, storyboard and design…) using Maya and After Effect.

Fierras > Thanx a lot ! What kind of end did you expected ?


its really great, i love it. i was enjoying when i was watching it.


that was the funniest thing i had ever seen. you could have showed the rest of the microwave seen though…haha,nice


HAHAHA this is hilarious. That ET shot haha. And how they look in the last shot.

SUPER !!! 5 stars !!!


well done.

i loved it.


I liked that, funny little movie - confused me abit when he was climbing up the table and had the split screen but I got the jist of it. Great work!


alot of genuine lol moments, it was brilliant


Very nice work, feels similar in some respects to pen pals (but is still distinctive), the animation had weight and was enjoyable, 6 months put to good use I think :).


Your film is on my site and being hosted there as well…should help you a bit with bandwidth…:slight_smile:

Great Job again guys…

Best Regards,



In the beginning of the video I was like ‘‘eehh?? what is this?’’ but after a while I laughed so much!!! My favourite was.

  • The ET joke
  • The Dino sinking in the water
  • The Microwave and them going pop! ROFL

The entire video was grand! Congratulations on your brilliance!


Thanx ! Thanx Thanx :slight_smile:

Patrick05 > yes sometimes split screen were a bit hard to make understable. But It was an idear we really wanted to experiment.

Shuggie > what’s pen pals ? It was also 6 months of great fun!

ENL > Thanx for the hosting ! I’ve seen you’re also hosting the movie “Excalibur” from Francois Puren. He’s a good friend of mine. We’re from the same school !

fabianv > i’m happy you like the ET joke. It’s not something i’m really proud of because many people doesn’t see what’s happening to ET and juste ask me after “Hey where is been past ET ?”.


Dont worry… a person with a bit of brains would spot ET anyway… besides… your poster hinted the joke… the music hinted the joke… everything worked GREAT!

I think it was awesome that you had to music slow down when the Dino jumped! :smiley:

Man now I feel like watching it again! :bounce:

You’ve made my day


lol, that was some funny shit. Very nice work :thumbsup:


nice idea
nice humor.!!!

well done


Awesome, excellent work…made me laugh out loud :thumbsup:


Man, this is just wonderful. I love that cow and the spaceship she gets in to. Would have been cool to see some ground hits when she is attacking the cave men. You know, some particles flying up from her strafing run. The Jurassic park refrence is pretty good though a bit of steal from ToyStory2, it worked. The E.T. momentes are great.

Very cool look as well. Sometimes I couldn’t tell if it was a set or a 3d environment. Only problem is that it wasn’t consistent. In other words, sometimes it looked so good and was lit so nicely I thought man that looks great…other times it was obviously cg. But super cool none the less.

Suprised they haven’t plugged this, have they?


Great movie, no crits :thumbsup: