Short pantomime, critique?


hey folks, new guy here.

did a short pantomime and I’d like to get your opinions on it.

it’s here…


Wow, I really like your animation. it’s very nice, and very funny to watch… shoud love to watch more!!

Please reply because i’d like to get to know you (plus I need a good animator for Gollum in our movie, if you’d like to…)



It’s really well done. My only complaint would be in the part were he recieves the bad news, I think that arm swinging is a little too much. Other than that, it’s exceptional work!! :thumbsup:


Great Job!!!Very LIVE!

keep up the good work…


hey, thanks guys! I appreciate the feedback. (sorry mystik, I don’t think I’ll have time to do more than I already do! )


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