short movie test


Just a simple walk, lift the heavy object carry it forward then put down the object. How’s the walk cycle? How’s the weight lifting illusion? I would really appreciate some critics. Thanks in advance.



I really like the weight lift. Looks pretty heavy to me. :slight_smile:
The walk looks just a little floaty to me though.

I’m trying these same excercises too, and I think you are doing well, keep it up.



thx for the comment micgaz

here’s an update :


oops wrong link lol

this is the most recent. Still working on it.


I feel like you should delay the lift of the ball by a few frames. Maybe have it slide or roll a little bit towards him before it lifts up. His walk to the ball feels kind of stiff. My first impression is that he is a little nerdy guy. Maybe thats what you wanted though. Hope that helps. Cheers.


Thanks earbrawley. Yes I get alot of critics on the walk. But I’m quite blank on how make it more smooth and dynamic. While I wanted a realistic style, without any exageration or anticipation or squash and stretch. Any pointer on this one?


Its a bit hard to check it out because we you can’t scrub the timeline on youtube. One thing I noticed, is he is picking if feet up off the ground instead of letting them roll out. Try delaying the lift of the foot until the leg is pulling it off the ground. You might have to make the heel lift up higher so the leg doesn’t pop. Also, when he begins the walk he just kind of goes right into it. If he is starting in a standing position then he need to shift his weight over his left leg in order to lift his right leg up. Or you can have him start already in the walk. I think his upper body is pretty good, I’d just play around with the feet and the waist. Hope that helps.


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