Short Movie How To Make some One Anger


hi first i want to thank my god for this then i want to thank peter starostin for his character how i developed thim just little and i want to thank mohammad bahbouh for compositing info.

in this short movie i try to achieve high quality of body machine and i hope i success with that

i do all material in this short movie.

your vote and comment are very important.

Software i use:
3dsmax&After effect.

you can watch it on the following link.

thanks for watching it


wow great animation +
… ???


That is a good job my friend keep going


very good animation :thumbsup:


nice work… keep it up.


Well done, man :thumbsup:


thanks for all of you


actually, am really impressed … great level of work man - masha Allah-

I forgot that am watching an animation and enjoyed with the story and nice acting … you did it well :slight_smile:

your direction skills getting better and better … even if there are some shots need a second look, but it looks fine at all

keep going dude, I can see you will a great animator one day -insha Allah- :smiley:


great job! the animation was really well done. I thought the Camera moves and angles worked really well too.


thank for all of you i really appreciate that this is to much on me


Your sense of weight and timing is AWESOME! the camera angles were cool but some could use some work or maybe just not so many? And on the little chase scene after he gets out of the tree, the runs for both characters are kind of the same and it doesn’t look like they are trying to run as fast as they can, almost like they are jogging. But I only noticed that small little thing because all the animation before and after it was so great :slight_smile: Good job!


Great job man! The natural born killers animation is also fantastic. Your timing is flawless!


Josh Kirk: thank you to much i saw your spider animation its short and nice

Aben-Athar thank you to much and i also saw your work his is wonderful …


excellent man !!



Amazing work :thumbsup:


vary vary gooooooood man you are perfect in animation :buttrock:


again thanks for all of you guys…


Realy this is amzin animation & very simple characters

nice effects thanks for your gift


Go ahead and don’t let anything stop you…



thank you guys i really appreciate that