Short gesture drawings VS Long studies?


I am currently making a portfolio for an application towards an animation bachelor. They are kinda strict and really want most things to be related to animation. I have studied some fundamentals of art and croqui and stuff, though it kinda bugs me that I don’t truly feel like I have grasped the difference between animation gesture and art gesture.

Well I feel like I have grasped the form better from long times study, though it does not feel like I have improved in solidity nor constructions of characters.
I have confident lines on short poses, though it does not have much construction, nor do I get the same feelings as many great animators and gesture drawings.

Furthermore I have also done both short gesture drawings and long studies, though I only get 3 days to practice more on one thing than the other.
Long studies goes with long poses at 30 minutes to 2 hours. Short poses lasts from 1 minute - 5 minutes.

Like 2 days of short gesture, 1 day of long study.
Or 2 days of long study and 1 day of short posing.

Also I have heard that some great animators claims that gestures can be seen as actions rather than poses. It makes sense though is that what I am supposed to go for? And how important is long studies compared to gesture drawings then?


Hey neroxius,
Gesture drawing is really hard to get. They come with years and years of practice. They are supposed to be fluid and fast. So to get it to feel like a professional animator would take years of practice of doing them on a daily basis. They are a crucial part of animation since before most animators start animating or committing to a scene they are working on, they would gesture the actions. To be accurate plan it out using thumbnail gesturing. That gives them a solid understanding about what they are going to be looking for while animating. The other use is to get solid poses for a character since gestures are quick you would not be bounded by building up details and will actually be able to focus on the overall shape and the flow.

On the other hand, long poses are really helpful to understand the structure of human anatomy. They help in studying how the light behaves on our structures and hence also help us in studying how to layer our understanding in an organized form.

They are both very important since animators deal with a lot of human characters, but not limited to it.
I would suggest warming up with an hour of 30 to 60-second gestures and then slowly increasing the time and end up with long poses. Also, don’t forget to get feedback from art community since sometimes its very hard and frustrating too when we don’t understand what we are doing wrong or where we are stuck.

Best of luck
Hope it helps