Short Fur Tutorial


Here is a tutorial showing the Photoshop technique that I use to create short fur for animal illustrations and 3d texture maps. I hope it is useful and any suggestions to make it better would be greatly appreciated.


Brilliant! Thanks for the tut, Bill! :thumbsup:


Fantastic tut!

Once again a simple technique that yields great results. Thanks.


That’s one kickass tutorial. Thanks!


brilliant tutorial! Really great! Thanks man!


this is totally brilliant and creative! I’ve never thought of painting/making fur using this method otherwise! doh!kicks ass


Thanks all, for the comments. I hope the technique is useful.

I recently created a set of 54 hair brushes for Photoshop. You can find them here:

I hope you find the brushes useful as well.


WOW. That’s so simple and so bloody brilliant. I’ll surely use it, thanks!


You bet its brilliant :thumbsup:

Thank Mate


needs to be on the front page.


What do you use to tint on step 6? I used a gradient layer set to color, but I don’t know if it looks as good as yours. And i can’t seem to get it to fade as well from the stripes to the background, do you just leave that layer on normal?
great tutorial though, i like it a lot.


I use the Selective Color adjustment layer a lot for tinting over neutral tones, adjusting mainly the white, neutral and black attributes. To fade the fur to white I just airbrushed in white on a layer set to Soft Light mode.
I hope that helps.


ahh very helpful, thank you very much. looks better already.


This looks to be of great help can’t wait to try it out thanks.


oh my! it’s fantastic, thank you for givig us such nice tut.

Take care!

P.S. I’m kinda new here and I’ll be visiting forum more often since now - in half a year maybe I’ll jump here in with some simple 2D project I’m working with -cheers!-


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