Short flim 'HUMMER'


Hi everyone,
I used 3dsmax and vray.The postwork was made in Digital Fusion.
(I made this video to Non-commercial purposes and This is full 3D Animation.)

I hope you like it. Thank you.

You can see the Short film on this link
“Short Film HUMMER”


very cool stuff …

did you use any plugin for the Hummer animaion


excellent effects and attention to detail.


Really great renders…the environments are very convincing!!


I used vray,CDT,fumeFX.

omar3d,Booyah,ivanisavich… thnx for all your comments.



super talented, player!


how long did it take you?

from start to finish?


rnjonjo~ thanks for your comment.
I started this project since may. It took about four months of the working period .

You can see the wireframe movie on this link


wow >>> it is nice >> thank you


hey~ man. i like your video. I watched from the 3Dstills gallery.


amazing work mate, 5 stars, especially the ending . looked very realistic … cheerio

just one small crit… in the desert shot… i think the HUMv looked too clean…


Thank you for your useful advice.
I agree with your idea.(Actually it’s some annoying to Unwrap.haha…:smiley: )


Truly awesome! I agree with the Desert shot, it is a bit clean! the snow shots are perfect! and love the end shots on the rocks.


I agree with the clean car. Anyway, looks very good to me. nice~ :wise:


thnaks for your comments. sgwaterfall,toto. :slight_smile:


Very realistic renders, especially when hummers goes over the rocks. Good work.


hey~ see your movie again.

I like last shot. nice animation~


thnaks for your comments. Coa82,thwide.


wow, nicely done


CHRiTTer. Thank you.