Short Film: "Z52" Looking for help.


Hi. I’m looking for a little help on a project of mine. I’ve been working on building up assets for a short sci-fi film set in the world of Robotech since last june. I’m in need of some assistance as I work full time and things are getting more and more hectic at work as milestone deadlines get closer.

Mainly I’m looking for environment modellers (any software) with the final meshes to be exported to LW

Texture artists (Lightwave) to texture the environment

And possibly special effects and animation work to be done (again in LW 7.5).

This is a slow, long term project that I’d be willing to share and get help with, but not relinquish control of. So, if you’re looking for a project to help on, want to make sure it has unified direction, and can do professional-near professional work… post away.


mike I am interested in helping with environmental modeling. Though I have not done much of it in the past I would be willing to give it a go. Give me and idea on what to model and ill post ya what I come up with then u can tell me if the quality is good enough.


Very cool models. I may have some time here and there (between power naps) to play… mostly animation though, if you need it.


Wow, thanks guys. Let me get a little more organized (and get my computer fixed) and I’ll post a little more in-depth info.



Let me know when you need any help with the evironment modeling.

Luis R. lobo


Hey, Mike, I remember that wip thread that you made all these fantastic models!!!

Remember the rigging of the soldier, that animated gif you posted of him dancing?

That was hilarious!!!1

I’ll be watching this project, as I’m sure with your skill it will be very interessting…

Just let me know if you need anything, though I’m not much of an artist…


that is so great. I love macross


sigh - Kirt :shame:


sigh - Kirt :shame:


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sigh - Kirt :shame:

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probably you all should use private messages… stop using this threat as a flame war… or start another threat, just dont use this threat.

Luis R. Lobo


Come on, guys, I don’t think he meant nothing by it…

Oh, well, I hope they haven’t spoiled your project, MikeRB

If they have, well, I’ll permanently attatch myself to this project to make sure it fails properly…hehe…

What do you need from me, sir?!!


Hi Mike. Just a note so that you don’t forget.


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Sorry, Kirt, I guess it was partly my fault…

oh, and congrats on moderating position!!

You’re a good moderator, and with your ability as a concept artist, I’m sure a lot of projects down here will go far!!


Hi, my name is Kenneth Miller, i am a 3d modeler and animator with a few years experience now. I have completed 2 30 second shorts, and numerous stills. Fluent in lightwave 3d, as well as 3ds max, and I am in the process of learning Maya. I will be willing to dedicate many hours of work to this project. I also have skills in other areas such as Web Design and Desktop Publishing. As i stated before, i would be willing to work hard on this project for the joy of simply being part of the team. Thanks, i wish to hear from you soon.


I am crap with modelling but I reallly like that big “thing” jsut had to say that. :smiley: What is it?


Hey Mike whats going on with this project… still on hold ? :frowning:


Hey mike love your work and would enjoy a chance to work with you on this project. Just need to know what kind of environments your looking for and if its within my capabilities all post some work