Short film - Yankee Gal (Supinfocom)


Hello everybody,

   This film was made during 2008, and took a full year of production to get over with. Four people were on the team: Céline Desrumaux, Gary Levesque, Antoine Perez and Francois Pons. Hope you enjoy it.

You can see it here




what a unique theme. I am stunned.

Really nice idea and execution.

I liked the cuts between the moments in the cockpit and the bar… and the transition when it becomes one with the plane getting destroyed.

But I have to say that it could be a bit shorter and more tense in that moment…

The fire looked a bit weird in the context ( I love stylized fx - but with the semi realistig characters and environments using half-circles as fire particles looked a bit off )

vimeo - liked.

keep it up!


Saw this and the interview posted over at motionographer. Well done


Very Well done. I especially like the lighting.


brilliant work! I’m curious what the motivation was to tell this story.

The info section on the website opens a window that I can’t resize, to see all the info… fyi.


Great work!
I see it took your team 1 year, but I’m sure the next movie will be faster due to obtained experience.
A very smooth animation, nothing that distracts the eye from the story. I personally like the story concept and how it’s realised. Maybe I would add a bit of glow to this dream to make it more dreamy and created the contrast between the fall, making it cold and gloomy. The style reminds me David Lynch films, so if this was the idea, it is reached the point.
Good impression in general. It’s good you chose the story that is quite interesting, without not logical connections, as it often happens to shorts.


Nice story and great work. Good choice of music, and also very well done


Just great! i love the concept, i wish the hero was saved though!!


i’m a big fan of lighting and colors. And the light board is really well done.



inspirational film! supinfocom students sure crank it up a notch every time! i love the atmosphere and how you did the flames…great style! easy 5! :thumbsup:


Awesome work.I like the natural feeling of the animation.Do you use movie reference or it’s just your imagination?
And…I really like this ending, it makes a change from the normal “happily ever after” thing.


this is very nice, I couldn’t see anything that I didn’t like.



Could you tell us a bit moreabout the production?
Do you have any model/ artwork you could show us?
And who did the incredible lighting of the short?


love the colors and lights.well done man:thumbsup:


that was fantastic, i love the artwork.


That was pretty badass great art direction colors and camera work 5. Very unique music and editing was well done


best regards, Selwy


wow! really amazing work guys!


Where did you work now ? advertising, movies, games ?


really nice, though fire might be changed a litle