Short Film - "The Legend of Boruta"


   Hey all,
   Now that I have the website up, I wanted to officially start doing some of my own publicity for my short film, [i]The Legend of Boruta.
   [/i]Produced at the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in Vancouver, [i]The Legend of Boruta[/i] was my grad-film project that spanned a total of 10 months from pre-production to final post.

More info and trailer are below. Hope you like it.


 [b]The Legend of Boruta [/b]
   Running time : 9:30
   Art, Story and Music by Bartosz (Bartek) Nowakowski

-Winner- Grand Prize Winner Electronic Arts Reveal '07 | EA Canada, Burnaby BC
-Winner- President’s Media Arts Award | Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, Vancouver BC

Toronto International Film Festival Student Showcase | Toronto, Canada
Emily Carr Media Arts Festival | Vancouver, Canada

[/b](20 megs)[b]

Windows Media 9 - [](
Quicktime h264 - [](
   Please visit the website for my work and art from the film - [i][b][color=Orange][](
  [/b]The year is 1939, Nazi Germany has recently invaded Poland and many small towns and villages have already become victims of the German raid. A regiment of Nazi soldiers arrive upon a small church nestled in the sprawling wheat fields just outside the small town of Leczyca. As they enter the church grounds, a lower ranking soldier is sent into the catacombs deep beneath the church to search for valuables and other items of historical and cultural significance that can be appropriated. Reluctantly, the young soldier heads down, only to discover that he has been tainted by the stolen goods he possesses and soon realizes that he will consequently help build the Legend of Boruta.
 [/b] To produce a short film no more than 10 minutes in length about Boruta - an archaic creature who guards treasures deep within the catacombs of Poland as he is confronted by unwelcome visitors during the German occupation of Poland amidst World War II.               [i]The Legend of Boruta[/i] is an animated grad-film project I have recently completed at the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design. The concept of the film is derived and based on an old Polish legend that originated in my small home town of Leczyca, Poland. The town contains only 16,000 residents, but is saturated with old churches, cathedrals, art, architecture, stories and legends, all of which have inspired me to create my first film, "The Legend of Boruta".
 -Autodesk 3D Studio Max (core modeling, lighting and animation)
  -Pixelogic Zbrush (displacement and normal map generation)
  -Adobe Photoshop (textures and post work)
  -Adobe After Effects (post work)
  -Adobe Premiere (video editing)
  -Adobe Audition (sound editing)
  -Propellerhead Reason (music production)


intrigued by the first images. well done on the awards. looking forward to seeing the full, when you can show it. :slight_smile:


The trailer looks quite good. Looking forward to seeing the full legnth feature soon hopefully. Good work there!


Unfortunately I cant post the full film because this excludes me from applying to certain festivals. =/

I will be posting it when I can. Thanks for the interest.


Looks cool! which festivals are you sumbiting it to that way i might be able to see?

good work!


So far I have only submitted to Canadian film festivals.

I have submitted to the following ones so far:

-Ottawa Internaional Animation Festival
-Vancouver International Film Festival
-Toronto After Dark Film Festival

Hoping for a positive reply from them =)


It’s an awesome film Bartosz, really amazing work, I hope more and more people get to see it.



Hey thanks Kantcho. I wish I could post the film, that way I know people would be able to watch it, instead of relying on festivals to screen it.


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