Short film - Struggle for colors


Hi everybody,

I’m oscar and I’m 17 years old.
I just finished my latest short film, which is “struggle for colors.”

Give me your opinion about it :slight_smile:


nice piece…

First honest thought that comes to mind… the piece is called struggle for colors… On the opening piece you have him running on TOP of colors already… I would totally switch the beginning to have him chasing the color so we start to empathize with the guy :slight_smile: I mean… I strugle with the right colors ALL THE TIME… I totally get where he’s coming from…

Maybe have him chasing kuler popular or something… haha… Or not… I’m guessing 2 people might get that … but anyway, you get my point :slight_smile: He’s a chaser/hunter/gatherer/corbusier man searching for the truth… he shouldn’t be already running on top of it!

Pick a style… the blood splatters are awesome but they are to ‘particle simulated’ to match the other parts… either keep it consistent 2d graphic or get it more 3d real all together. And the un-canny valley guy at the end… ditch him all together… doesnt’ fit for me…

Positive feedback is you had me thinking about the story before I even got to thinking it was render… AND at the end they are actually running on the colors so it works perfecto.




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