Short Film Project


Looking for anyone willing to help me with a great and ambitious film noir short film project. Its about a depressed Private Detective that indulges with trying a psychedelic for the first time and it leads to an insane night of hallucination and murder. So as you can imagine the tripping scene is the money catcher. I do have a producer at a production company in California waiting for the project as well as script to be completed so it’s also a great opportunity. I’m interested in 2D, 3D, matte, poster design and and every aspect of visual art. PM me the script and decide if it’s worth helping, thanks to all.


Are you looking for someone to do the whole thing, ie write the script as well as all the visual stuff?


No the script is written already, the movie is cast, locations are set. I’m looking for help with vfx.


try in


I see you mentioned how great an “opportunity” this is. This leads me to believe it’s unpaid?


I am curious about the script, are you looking for just one person or a team?