[Short Film] - Project I.C.E [Celshaded Science Fiction Project]



      [/b][/color][/size] [b][color=SlateGray][Official Website](http://www.madmotion.net/ice/)[/color][/b]
         [ Story Synopsis]
                          [/b]A rogue merc team is attempting to retrieve secret alien technology from a highly guarded military compound located on a distant moon in the Okearian galaxy.
      The "[b]Project ICE[/b]" mission objective requires the undetected insertion and retrieval of the alien technology without incident.

Unknown to the merc team, this facility is also a secret bio-genetics research lab that is home to some very instable and deadly life forms.
As with all missions there is a snag, and the rogue unit finds themselves now a part of the main objective, which is to extract the technology and the rest of the unit.

                          [b]** A copy of the storyline will be made available to all team members.[/b]
                          [ The Assignment: ][/b][/color][/size]
                             Project I.C.E    "Invade Capture Extract" 
                                 I.C.E is a story that I developed back in 2002, after many revisions I finally finished the story in early 2004 to where I felt it was ready to be story boarded. My plan from the outset has always been to develop a "celshaded" feature. My goals with the project is to discover new techniques while using proven techniques to pull off something that can stand up next to some of the best "celshaded" productions done by independents.
                               [b][ Team Members: [/b][b]][/b]

Currently, I’m looking for individuals who are skilled, that are developing their skills, and who are looking to join a fun project that’s a little different from what’s currently posted in the collab forums. With that in mind if you’re hyped about doing a celshaded production then this is for you.

  -----[b]----------------------## New Position##-----------------------------------[/b]
  [b][ Texture Artist: ([color=White]open)[/b] [/color][b]][/b]
                                The person(s) in this position will help to create  Alpha maps,Diffuse maps,

Color maps ,etc. Should have a good command of developing UV’s and intermediate painting skills.

                            [color=DeepSkyBlue] Application: [/color]Photoshop,  Painter, Any 3D modeling package
                                 [b][ Concept Art: ([color=White]open)[/b] [/color][b]][/b]
                               The person(s) in this position will help to drive the vision of Project I.C.E, as the director I will work closely with this team to make sure that the vision is maintained. Skills preferably in character design and mechanical design preferred but you don’t have to be a "Luis Royo" to land this job. Looking for individuals with organic, mechanical and environment (landscape) concept art skills.
                            [color=DeepSkyBlue] Application: [/color]Pencil, Paper, Photoshop, and Painter
                                 [b][ Character / Creature Modeler ([color=White]open)[/b] [/color][b]][/b]
                               The person(s) in this position must be willing to research and learn how to create character models that bode well with "celshading". Even though it may seem that we get off kind of easy since there really isn’t that much in regards to 3D texture creation, modeling is paramount to achieve the desired visual results. You will be asked to come as close as possible to the concept art, but will be allowed room for you own artistic interpretations within limits of the overall vision.
                                 [i]*The organic characters in the short film will feature fall under the genre of post-apocalyptic military rogue's and sci-fi creatures.[/i] 
                               Application: Any 3D modeling package
                                 [b][ Mechanical Modeler ([color=White]open)[/b] [/color][b]][/b]
                                 The person(s) in this position will create Mecha's, Weapon's, Ships and industrial machinery. Individual should be highly detailed oriented and patient. You will be asked to come as close as possible to the concept art, but will be allowed room for you own artistic interpretations within limits. 
                               Application: Any 3D modeling package
                                 [b][ 2D artist ([color=White]open)[/b] [/color][b]][/b]
                                 The person(s) in this position will be responsible for creating project logo's, H.U.D displays, and other 2D images as necessary. You may also be required to take images into a paint program and touch them up in post, as the shot requires. Should be familiar with the brushes in your respective application and command good color theory knowledge. 
                               Application: Photoshop, Painter
           [b][ Matte Painter ([color=White]open)[/b] [/color][b]][/b]
                                  The person(s) in this position will be responsible for creating backdrops for cetain shots in the film. Perspective drawing skills and knowledge of different brush techniques is desired. 
                                Application: Photoshop, Painter
                                 [b][ 3D Animators ([color=White]open)[/b] [/color][b]][/b]
                                 The person(s) in this position will create the necessary animations for each shot that is assigned to them. 
                               Application: *** Lightwave / Messiah Animate [b]Only ***[/b]
                                 [b][ Snd Fx ([/b][b][color=White]open[/b][/color][b])[/b] [b]][/b]
                                 The person(s) in this position will create the necessary sci-fi and atmospheric sounds that are required for each shot in the film. 
                               Application: Any DXi / VSTi type client that can produce Mp3's or analog equipment with the same output.
                                 [b][ Music composer ([/b][b][color=White]open[/b][/color][b])[/b] [b]][/b] 
                                 What I’m looking for here is someone that has "cinematic" music abilities, a lot of us have digital "[b]DJ[/b]" programs and everyone wants to be the next "Paul Oakenfold" but making "cinematic" themes require studies of the medium. If you can make FF or LOR type tracks please jump aboard. [b]**If your industrial or techno skills are really that good...come on aboard as well :)[/b]
                                   [color=DeepSkyBlue]Application: [/color]Any DXi / VSTi type client that can produce Mp3’s or analog equipment with the same output.
                                 [b][ Collaborative Solutions:[/b] [b]][/b]
                               With a project like this, it is highly unlikely that we will all use the same applications. But to take a page from some of the more successful teams out here such as [b]"Shirow Project"[/b] and [b]"Aegis: 2375"[/b] to name a few. I suggest that for 3D modeling we stick with a file format that will be transferable to all modelers such as .obj or .3ds but any application such as Maya, Cinema 4D, 3DSMAX etc is welcomed.

In regards to animation, which is the area of my focus, I’m will be using Lightwave with Messiah AM so if you’re interested in animation Id prefer a tool that will allow Lightwave to read the file.

                               [b][ Where the project stands:  [/b][b]][/b]
                               As stated earlier the story for the project has been completed, along with the storyboard. I have an animatic, which is about 57 meg that I need to compress so I can upload it. The film is approximately [b]4:54 [/b]seconds long based on the animatic.

At this stage I’m hoping to get some concept artists on board right way so I can share the vision of the film with them. Once we can get that going, 3D modeling tasks and others can be assigned etc.
*The concept artists will be the initial heart beat of the project.

                                 [b][ FAQ ][/b]
                               [b]Q.[/b] Why a celshaded project?
                                 [b]A[/b]. Why not? most people that will join this project will do so because they either have a connection with "anime" or "celshading" in general. 
                               [b]Q[/b]. Is this going to be an anime?
                                 [b]A.[/b] No, I myself am a big "anime" fan but I have no desire for this project to take on that style with the characters. 
                               [b]Q. [/b]How are you going to celshade this film?
                                 [color=DeepSkyBlue][b]A.[/b] All CG models will be celshaded-using Lightwave. Backgrounds should preferably be created in photoshop and or painter with the compliation of 3D elements when neccessary.
                               [b]Q. [/b]Will you have immersed 3D environments?
                               [b]A.[/b] Depends on the shot. The goal is to create 2D back plates composited with 3D elements to achieve the desired look of a celshaded feature.
                               [b]Q. [/b]What are you going to do?
                                 [b]A.[/b] Everything :) . Honestly, first and foremost I plan to direct this film to completion and use my years of management experience to try and make this an enjoyable, interesting and self-challenging project for all involved. In regards to CG my skills will fall under 3D character modeling, Animation and post-work.
                               [b]Q.[/b] I haven’t been doing 3D modeling, Animation, for too long. Can I join?
                               [b]A.[/b] But of course, everyone has to start somewhere.... I just hope you learn something along the way, as do I.
                               [b]Q.[/b] How do we determine what models, images, sounds etc will be used in the project?
                                 [color=DeepSkyBlue][b]A. [/b]I want to create a competitive but friendly atmosphere, as the director and team manager, I will post assignments that will be made available for anyone on the team to do. At which time we have completed content, as a team we may vote on certain models, images, and sounds that are deemed "best suited".
          [b][i] **If we cant agree I will make the final decision. [/i][/b]
                              But this way everyone gets a shot having "his or her" piece in the film.                    
                           [b]Q.[/b] Hey, I can make a website, do you need one?
                           [b]A.[/b]  ([b]Changed my mind[/b]) I dont have the time to make one myself or I would. But if you think your skills are killer enough let me know and lets work something out. :)
                             [b][ [/b][b]Closing: ][/b]
                           Well that's it; I tried to be as thorough and forth coming as possible. If you’re interested in joining please reply with the following information: 
                                 [b]Position interested in: [/b]
                                 [b]Applications you use: [/b]
                                 [b]Why do you want to join this project? [/b]
                                 [b]How much time can you devote per week: [/b]
                               [b]What's your time zone / location?


Position interested in: snd fx guy

Applications I use: mainly fl studio + vst instruments & cool edit

Why do I want to join this project? it sounds cool ^^

How much time can I devote per week: hmm… ~ 5 h ?

[b]What’s my time zone / location? gmt +1, germany



Sounds like a very nice project! The story almost sounds a bit like Alien, and thats a good thing. I am already on Aegis, so i don’t really have the time to join. But i really hope you guys succeed in your goals. So good luck, and i will check this thread everyone once in a while for updates and hopefully some mindblowing graphics. :wink:


b00bie - Hey welcome aboard, glad you decided to join :slight_smile:

DogmaD -
Thanks, Ageis is a really cool project and Im looking forward to seeing it completed. But if you ever get the time your always welcome to join.

Until we get some more concept artist on board Im currently working on a few character sketches myself, I should have something to post later on.



As a secondary form of communcation with the pending team, I prefer mIRC which can be downloaded from here http://www.mirc.com/get.html

Server - efnet
Channel - #project-ice
*On irc I usually go by a_insomniac or KidMesh

Aside from myself I contacted several concept artists in hopes to peak their interest in this project. Concept artists are the main focus atm as to really help drive the vision, once we got some concept work posted the ball should roll faster.
Until then, I will work on the concept my art myself because I really want to see the project get done.




Here is a quick sketch I just did of one of the soldiers in the film. I have some ideas for a few other styles and will post them as I create them.




Here is another quick sketch for a merc…

I will proably start some creature sketches as well just to mix it up for now.


Looks like a good start KidMesh! Story sounds real interesting. If I had the time, unfotunately just like Dogma D Im on another project. (Shirowproject). Good luck and keep at it! You have completed the hardest part the story and thats saying something!:thumbsup:


Slink -[color=White] Thanks, Im hoping the story was the hard part :), but I guess time will tell.

Heres is an another update, I drew a quick dirty sketch of a lab creature in the story. This is possibly one of the creatures that the merc team may run into while trying to extract the alien technology. I only drew the head shot for now just to get some imagery in my head, not sure yet if the body will be human or some hybrid alien cross.



Kid Mesh, you can count me in. I’ve been a fan of celshade for a looong time and I’ve got a couple of animated clips under my belt as well. Here are a couple of samples. The first is a 10MB, 1 min contest entry (I took 7th place), the second is a 787KB 3 sec. clip from another project I’m working on.




Darkskills - It’s about time man, glad you decided to come aboard. Since we last hooked up your celshading skills have grown expotentially :twisted: you know Im mad about that! But it’s always good to have a player with good “celshade” eyes.

Ok, here is another creature concept :slight_smile:


yes that are some cool concept arts!

@DarkSkills: hi ^^ very nice cel shading u made… with some cool animations this could be looking really powerful :slight_smile:

i love anime style too xD


Based off of the story line, this list will make more sense once someone actually reads the story :eek:.

This list although somewhat incomplete, demonstrates what is needed to help conceptualize the film and will serve as the foundation for 3D modeling later down the line.


[li]Okerian wasteland backdrops (night time desert scene)[/li][li]Desert sky (Several moons in the distance?)[/li][/ul][Industrial / Mechanical]

[li]Unmanned gun turrets (ground level and high tower enabled)[/li][li]High tech outdoor security cameras[/li][li]High Tech buildings that make up the compound[/li][li]Main genetics laboratory[/li][li]Sci-fi orbital ball that will emit a grappling hook.[/li][li]High tech indoor security cameras[/li][li]Manned security towers[/li][li]Space age laptop computer[/li][/ul][Weapons / Gear]

   1.Sci-fi type hand guns

2.Sci-fi type automatic machine guns

   3.Field goggles

   4.High tech Grenades

       5.EMP bomb


   1.Main Drop ship


   1.Main facility – stair well and hallway scene

   2.Main laboratory – (floor plan)

   3.Main laboratory – multiple angles

   4.Guarded room inside the laboratory

   5.Creature Cage designs


   7.Medical equipment, lights, operating tables, monitoring machines etc


   1.Commander – merc

   2.Terminal Hacker – merc

   3.Demolitions – merc

   4.Recon 1 – merc

   5.Recon 2 – merc

   6.Rescue 1 – merc

   7.Rescue 2 – merc

   8.Biotech Tower Guard

   9.Laboratory Scientist (2)

   10. Genetically altered attacking creature 1

   11.Genetically altered attacking creature 2

   12.Genetically altered attacking creature 3

   13.Caged creatures (4)

   14.Vial specimens (?)

   15.Ground patrol Mecha Type 1

   16.Ground patrol Mecha Type 2

   17.Ground patrol Mecha Type 3

   [b][2D misc.][/b]

   1.Overlay ideas for field goggles

   2.Merc team insignias

   3.Insignia for drop ship

       4.Project ICE logo for intro credits 



For those of you that are interested in creating sound effects…have a go at the list below :twisted:

Again, this list although incomplete is based soley off of the story, but its surely enough for someone that’s interested in sound effects to get started.

**For sounds to be accepted, please compress using .mp3 :slight_smile:


[li]Grenade blast[/li][li]EMP blast[/li][li]C4 – charge[/li][li]Bricks/ debris hitting ground[/li][/ul]


 1.Automatic Sci-fi machine guns firing

 2.Automatic machine gun loading / reloading

 3.Semi Automatic Sci-fi hand guns firing

 4.Semi Automatic hand gun loading / reloading

 5.Shotgun blast

 6.Shotgun reloading

 7.Small caliper hand gun firing

 8.Small caliper hand gun loading / reloading

 9.Big Turret Gun firing

 10.Big Turret Gun spinning (out of bullets) whizzing

 11.Laser firing

 12.Gunship Machine gun

 13.Mecha automatic weapons

 14.Loading gun clips

 15.Bullet shells hitting concrete

 16.Grenade pin hitting ground

 17.Grenade being ripped from Velcro

   18.EMP charging up 


 1.Mechanized Servo (long)

 2.Mechanized Servo (short)

 3.Hydraulic shafts (contracting)

 4.Air brakes

 5.Drop ship bay doors



 1.Computer terminal

 2.Small electronic devices

   3.Keypad punch sequence



 2.Grunts and moans

 3.Radio chatter


     5.Bodies hitting ground/floor




 3.Sliding across floor






[li]Metal Cage banging[/li][li]Low electrical vibrating hums[/li][li]Alarm sirens[/li][li]Door opening[/li][li]Metal clanks[/li][li]Glass breaking[/li][li]Wind gusts[/li][li]Water dripping[/li][/ul]Cheers,



i made this google 2d thingie…

the left area is the space for any visual informations about enemies, buildings, …wireframes u know? any ideas? :slight_smile:


Wow man! That is goggle concept is friggin awesome :thumbsup: very cool.

I’ll talk to you more about it and the sound fx on IRC tommorow.


Kid Mesh


Position interested in: concept work, preferably creatures

Applications you use: drawing media(pen pencil charcoal ink) and a little comp stuff( paint and ps. just started this stuff). watercolor.

Why do you want to join this project? seems interesting and i think it would be a good experience, especially when it is finished.

How much time can you devote per week: roughly 15 max. fulltime student.

What’s your time zone / location? pst. west coast us.

http://misledtomisery.deviantart.com/ where some of my work can be seen.

a few digital things are posted on cgtalk, just look to my thread starts.


misledtomisery [color=White]- Hey welcome aboard and glad to have you. I took a look at some of your gallery pics :slight_smile: very cool, you should do fine.

Do you have Mirc? If so login to the [color=DeepSkyBlue]efnet server and join #project-ice. That way I can talk with you real-time about the project, If you dont have it installed I will pm you a link to download the story and we can talk about the creatures from that point.

Cheers, and again welcome.



First of all, mechanical drawings were never my strong suite but I will bang out a quick sketch just to get a vision across.

This is a concept sketch of a possible [b]Ground patrol Mecha Type 1

[/b][color=White]-- It will defintely look better in 3D [/color]:smiley:


Here is another creature idea …