Short Film - Potapych : The Bear that loved Vodka


Hey cgtalkers…

I’ve just finished directing a short film for the Channel 4 Mesh scheme here in the UK. There are 4 films produced each year, 3 minutes in length… with the main criteria being that they are digitally produced.

Anyway, I was lucky enough to have a brilliant team working on it, and I just wanted to share the joy. It’s based on a true story about a bear in Moscow. You can read his story and see the film on the website…

Thanks for watching!


Holy crap…what an incredibly style you’ve developed!

You’ve absolutely regained my faith in 3d cell-shaded animation, because that was down-right incredible.

Fantastic work!


Beautiful style, I must agree. Lovely story, as well.


lol that was awesome… i couldn’t understand what was being narrated though, but the film was still fun to watch! :thumbsup:


I agree with the others. Beautiful style an dcolors. I found it so visually interesting that I could even turn off the volume and still enjoy watching it.

GReat work.


BRILLIANT! I don’t really think i have anything to critique so I guess this is just a congratulations for such a great job. Best wishes to you and your team on your next project.


Thats really cool :slight_smile: I love the style as well and the animation is really cute. Its so nice to see something that is pushing some boundaries style wise.

Top marks on that one! :slight_smile:

Is there going to be a follow up?


That was truely amazing.
-Very unique style. You have set the bar my friend…and the bar is high


Simply amazing short - some of the best cell-shaded animation I’ve ever seen.

The story and colors used to convey it are wonderful. Congratulations! :thumbsup:


This was really neato!

An the bear’s true story is crazy and a little disturbing too.

could you share some details on the process. How much was 2d/3d, how long it took you to make, and what software you used?


oh geez oh man, that was just fantastic! I LOVED IT. it was quite moving. amazing work.


That was just a step above everything else I’ve seen recently. awesome work and thanks for making me smile.


!!!Wow!!! that was the best short i saw in a while…5 stars from me…:thumbsup::buttrock::applause:


THAT was great. It made me feel like I was watching something that I used to love watching when I was a kid, and hadn’t seen for a really long time. I love the look, and the narrator was the perfect touch to the whole thing. Really great work.



That was fantastic. Watched it the first time round without the sound and it made me laugh harder than with the sound. Wasn’t as crazy about the intro (branding bit) though. But the animation was just amazing, congrats!


Excellent piece, congrats :slight_smile:


This is very nice. I like the way you’ve integrated the 2D and 3D techniques.


Whoa… that was, awesome! :buttrock:

The aesthetic and styling were engaging for the narrative. I hope someone does a write-up on the production of this short :bounce:


Wow! That was great!

I love celshaded stuff, and that was one of the best uses of it ive seen. Some great animation in there, and nice use of colour. Love the uneven outlines too.

Was a bit sad at the end though - i was expecting it to end on a high, like most cartoony shorts do.

What software and celshader did you use?

Superb work and 5 shiny yellow things from me :thumbsup:


Hey thanks everyone!

They are some great comments, and thanks for rating the film. I’m glad to help you regain your faith in cel shading Ivanisavich.

To answer a few questions…
The film was all made in 3D Studio Max. We actually used the standard Max cell shading, but also rendered an occlusion pass in brazil that is slightly multiplied over the top of the characters to add a bit more dimension.
The backgrounds are largely hand drawn and painted, with some details and grading added using Painter and Photoshop. For the scenes where there is a bit of 3D shift, or a camera move, the paintings are projected in layers onto geometry.

I’m planning to put a few process pics up on the website to show the various stages of painting and compositing. I think it’s kinda nice to show some of these backgrounds in their various stages. I’ll post again when I get my act together and put some more stuff up there :slight_smile:

Thanks again for all the great feedback.