Kugelchen, the short-movie

Experience HamStar Animations´ first little adventure of Flip, Sepp, Oli and Fred!
In a sparetime project that took only four months from the initial idea to the final cut Jens Jung (JeyJey), Tino Standke, Georg Niedermeier (sad) and Konja Schneider (Kicks) created this little animation using Maxons Cinema4D 8.5 and Kaydara Motionbuilder 5.5.

Learn more about HamStar Animations and its four varmints at .

german words.


hehe, love the hamster designs :slight_smile:
( downloading movie now )


For the non-germans of us :wink: :

Hes looking for his little ball. nobody knows where it is. So at the end he makes himself a new one.

I’ve been assured this is really funny :wink:


Ahahahahahahahha brilliant!!! :thumbsup:

But I guess you have to be german to truly appreciate it, it loses a lot in translation. :wink:

Very cute!


love the name…hamStar…

did each animator get a character to do? and if so who ended up with the drunk one?
its pretty funny stuff…and some nice renders by the looks of it…and some nice quirky touches to it.

if they are planning on doing more it would be good to see introductions to each character in someway.


you say 8,5 was used but there is a clip on Maxons site taliking about the new motion blending in 9 and has a clip of this film - in that case was a beta version of 9 used to make it the film?


hi ric. we have used the newest fbx plugin for motionblending. And this fbx version is in R9. Rendering was done in 8.5


hi ric.
we have used the newest fbx plugin for the motionblending in c4d. and the newest is in r9. Rendering was done in R8.5


nice one :thumbsup: … tough the voices/story didn’t work to well for me … keep 'em coming :applause:


Nice work guys! I especially liked the opening flythru sequence and the design of the characters…cute little fellas aren’t they. Gotta love that nose picking shot at the end.

Couple of questions if I may. Did you do your facial animation in MB or via Mocca? I am guessing that the LaCacurracca guys used a protoype version of R9 with its ability to export blendshapes to MB…since they used that workflow months ago. Maybe you guys used a similar method? I am looking forward to trying this myself when I eventually get R9, although since I don’t have Mocca, I am unsure if I can export blendshapes to MB via Cinema…

Also, nice use of fur and grass in your shots, did you use Shave for this or something else?



Great animation! Love the character design and the furs.
Though I think the shots could use some variation, just seems like it’s stuck in front view for a long time.

keep up the good work. :thumbsup:


yes they used shave, afaik

kicks, post it in the 3d-work subforum :smiley:


Hi Zendorf,

the gras was made with Hairdepartment.

And the facial animation was build in Motionbuilder. We used the R9 FBX Plugin for import in C4D. Without Mocca you can´t import Files from Motionbuilder :frowning:


Excellent job with the animation:)

Could you share your settings for SHAVE please?

Did you use an bitmap to generate the color of those cute little bastards?

How did you get it to fill in so nice? One can hardly see any mesh under the hair.

…And most importantly are there going to be anymore animations of these characters.


thank you!
unfortunately no. shave settings are extremely lighting dependet.
we´ve used bodypaint for texturing.


Aha, I see. Did you use any special lighting rigs? How many lights were in the scene, if i can ask?

Had to add:

Did you use radiosity?


wildly suggesting you do the next one in English :smiley: … check out David Knight … he did the voice file for last years’ LW lip sync contest


each hamster had 5 lights for the fur.
no radiosity has been used.

wildly agreeing :slight_smile:


Thanks sad. Very nice job.


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