Short Film: Final Outpost


Hi, just a quick note

There is another CG film named “The Last Outpost”. I was released about 2 years ago, and I understand that the author has some comercial plans for it, a DVD release or something like that.

You might want to check the copyright/legal issues involved.

The film was entirely done with Blender and last about 40 minutes… that may help you to google it.


Hey KC Dragon,

I’m intrigued to know what you scripts about after having seen some of the conceptual art work produced.

And, what openings do you still have going for work within your team?



Apollox, I did a little research and the two are nothing alike. However, it may help spread the word about my project with the success of the other one. Mine will be nowhere near 45 minutes either, but that’s okay as well. Luckily, copyrights and such don’t affect titles so there’s no worry there. I don’t, however, want to be mistaken for someone trying to rip off anybody else’s ideas. Thanks for the heads up.

darkknight, the script is a sci-fi script about a battle on the last planet in the known universe (i.e. the final outpost :wink: ) and revolves around a new recruit’s experiences. Mainly, how he construes the vision of the war and what the end result is all about. There’s conflict, plot, and resolution. If you want to read it, head over to the forum page and I’ll let you in so you can read it. As far as openings go, we’ll take about any position someone wants to fill. We have several modelers, animators, and such, but if you can bring something to the table then you’re welcome to jump on in.

Thanks to you both,


Hey KC Dragon,

Thanks for getting back to me, I wonder if I can read the script? I not sure I not to sure how to get to your private forum? If you point me in the right direction, that would be most appreciated!



Hey Apollux, you must be reading my mind; I was about to say the samething. Maybe there’s a longer version of the film, but I have it on my harddrive and just watched it. My version is around 25 minutes long. I’m wounder if there’s a different version out there. Both films are similar in there about war and the meaning of it, etc, etc. Final Outpost’s story is about one man and how he handles being along on a ship after war has destroyed the planet. There is a constaint stream of dialog on how war is bad and all that stuff. It’s a pretty good film considering the stuff they had to work with. It may confuse some poeple when they hear of your film though; a lot of poeple may ignore it just because they’ll think that they’ve already seen it.


darkknight, no problem, just go here and sign up: . There’s a section for the script and all the artwork there for your perusing.

imanobody, valid points, but I’m hoping to get enough people to recognize mine is different to feed off the word-of-mouth advertising. I’m not looking to make money on this thing, just get a story told to as many people as possible. If this thread is any sign, I’ve already got a good start on an audience :wink:


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