Short Film: Final Outpost


Hey all, we’re still working through this project and progress is coming along nicely. tdaniels is working on the storyboards as sickofpop, ereitz, and nomadicrain continue to model. The_Observer is working on the environment and benman is working on an official website and things are falling into place quite nice.
Now, you know I wouldn’t just post for that update so I brought a little eye candy. A very rough storyboard of the opening sequence.
Our group is pretty fleshed out, but I’ll never turn down good modelers, texturers, or concept artists. The only position we don’t have anybody signed up for right now is sound, so if you want to be the first…well, you know.
Here’s a link to the forum site again (so you don’t have to page all the way back to 1):


If you’re still in the need of a “sound guy” let me know.


We’re still in need and consider this formal indication. Welcome aboard BOY1DA.


Hope everyone had a great holiday.

I’ll be posting some stuff up later tonight on the forum. I managed to get some work done over the holidays. lol

I know Ronguard is done but who’s modeling the rest of the headshots? The battlesuit is looking good and getting closer and closer to completion.

Its time to kick it in gear again;)




Tom - I am planning on doing at least Trogger after I finish the battlesuit…If no one has stepped up to do others I will work on them as well.



It’s my turn to put up an update. Our crew is feverishly working on getting the ships and weapons modeled, but we’re in desperate (timewise) need of some character modelers. nomadicrain is working his tail off right now generated a great first character, but we’d all like some help getting the rest of the characters generated from this template.
So, if any of you have some good character modeling skills in Maya and can offer even to do one of the four or five remaining characters it’d help out a lot.
ereitz has generated a head for the first character that can also be used as a template for future characters.
If you’re interested please drop a line here or on the outpost forum:



Hey just droping by… Hmm I like this project, maybe I could help you with the things im best, well those are: Particle Effects, lighting effects, and did I said FX :scream: ? Anyways I’ve got some experience with Fruity loops and Reaktor… for those who don’t know those are proggies to make music. I’ll maybe catch you in your forum later…


GaNNel - KCDragon will be back in a day or two. I’m sure he’d like all the help he can get. lol

As far as modellers go, we really need some help. nomad has been busting his tail and we don’t want to kill him. lol He’s almost got the battlesuit completed, then on to Trogger.

What we need is 2-3 modelled headshots.(Like KCDragon said there is a template at our forum) And one full character, the “pilot”. I will provide the turnarounds for the pilot. I’m not quite sure if we have a rigger or not. But the more help we could get the better.

I’ve only got two more designs to finish then its on to the storyboards and the animation. So come on and join the fun.




if possible i’d love to model a few weapons?

im finishing texturing of a pretty sci-fi ish weapon in the next week or so.
if ur interested ill post a pic of it and let me know if u’d like to give me a go. :smiley:



GaNNEl, all the help we can get will be appreciated. We’ve got laser fire, explosions, and debris shots from landing ships that’ll require the special F/X you’re talking about. Jump on the forums and give it a go!

WAcky, we don’t have a bunch of weapons to model, but if it fits the mood I’m sure not going to turn down the assistance. Post a pic and we’ll make a decision and let you know. About the only remaining weapons that are planned would be mounted to a huge ship, a smaller ship, or an outpost type. However, there’s almost always room for flexibility if the option arises.

Thanks to you both for the interest and offers!



Wacky, if you’d like I can send you two waepons that I modeled and you can texture them… I don’t have time to learn how to texture in Maya.

One is the standard infantry rifle that the soldiers carry and another is a 6 foot tall turret cannon that soldiers fire while standing behind.

You can find images of them in one of the earlier posts…

Contact KCdragon if you’re interested. and I’ll send you the files.


unfortunatly i dont work in maya.

ah well. good luck with ur movie guys! :thumbsup:


Well that sucks WAcky, but I certainly understand. We’re all true to our favorite packages (not to mention financially obligated). Thanks for the well wishes and make sure you send any Maya modelers or texture artists our way. Also, make sure you keep checking back for updates and progress reports on this film - you’ll want to see the final version!


indeed i shall




Ok man, right now I’m a little bit busy cuz I entered to the University, but just gimme something to work on and I’ll try to do it ASAP! :scream:


Hey all, if you’ve been following this project I’m sure you’ve seen quite a bit of progress on it, but we’ve hit a bit of a stumbling block and I need some help to surpass it. We’re stuck in model hell right now because we’re short on modelers. If you think you can lend us a hand in generating human character models or even ship models it will be appreciated. The concept art for these models is already done, but our modelers are working their hearts out and I’d like to give them some support. Come on, who doesn’t have a few days to spare :wink:

GaNNEl, after we get some of the ships modeled, I’d like to see if you can do your particle magic for the flyover/landing shots. The_Observer is creating the terrain and can give you some models to work with that will probably remain intact for animation. Basically, we’re going to have a ship landing and we’ll need A) flame/gas waves and B) dust particles from displacement. Think you can handle that part of it?

Thanks to all who’re watching and supporting this! The dream is close, but help is always appreciated.


Sure dude dust and those are piece of cake… falmes would need a little bit more work. Drop me an e-mail to when terrain is ready to have particles in it.


Hello everyone. I just joined your project and i am very excited. I was asked to start modeling the battleship. I look forward to getting to know everyone.


GaNNEl, will do man. Now that we have Drakeotic on board we should have some ships coming up very soon to do reference art to. The_Observer is still doing work on the environment, but I’m hoping to see an update from him very soon. You’ll get it as soon as we see the completed version.

Drakeotic, welcome aboard and good luck with the Launcher. Keep us posted on the progress and feel free to post some WIPs on here and the forum site.


Ey there,

I’m a composer from The Netherlands and I like this idea for a short. When it’s done I’d like to compose some music for it if you’d need it. I mostly compose orchestral stuff but also other genres. On my site I’ve got a number of musicdemos and links to shorts that I’ve scored in the past:

and (has some newer stuff as well)

Seems like great work! I love the storyboard that you made and I wish you good luck with your project!


PS: I suggest you listen to A Passage Darkly and Asteroidfield for epic orchestral and Into the Deep + Outer Rim for spacey rock.

And “Cybernectics II” at for ambient electronics! :smiley: