Short Film: Final Outpost


Is there a small/simple object you need modeled? Possibly textured too. I just bought XSI Foundation and need something to practice on. I just want a little assignment to prove myself. If I can’t do it, I’ll step down and leave this to the talented people :slight_smile:


Hey Vertizor, thanks for the interest.
When it comes to modeling, there’s no such thing as simple in my book, but here’s something that might fit into your request.
There’s a need for a type of ripcord device that gets harnessed to a suit. It’ll be close to a “J” hook with a clasp on it to loop around a connector.
Metal, attached to a metal cable, and with a locking mechanism.
Think that’ll work? If so, let me know and I’ll point you in the right direction for the script and more information.



Just to give an update (due to my hyperactivity regarding this project), I thought I’d post the forum board for people who might be interested in following the progress or adding their own thoughts.


The forum is coming along nicely. I should have the outer body armor done this weekend.

I do have a question on that. When I sent the turnarounds of the head and torso, they were pretty large as requested by the mod/animator. Will I need to make the body armor/helmet the same size or can I make a smaller version and have the mod/animator make the adjustment? If I can make it smaller, I won’t have to scan it in “parts” and I’ll be more accurate with the turnarounds.




Tom, I feel you should send the lower res in full to the modelers/animators and if/when we need the more detailed stuff they can get it later.
I’m not a modeler by trait, but when I do model I need the general, not the detailed.
Go with the small Tom,



yeh i agree with dragon small should be fine.


Hi i was working in a 3d movie in Peru, and now i’m free, my job in the movie has finished, and now i have some time to make other works =), i worked in modelling, animation, ilumination and some of texture, i make a lot of all.

Now i dont have new material to show because, i’ve been working 12 hours to day, but if u want u can see the teaser of the movie, that is a little show of the work.

Sorry for my english.



Hey Animus_X, thanks for the interest. If you’ve got some free time and are willing, head over to the website (from above) and sign in. We can always use more people and everything in your list fits this project very well.
Head on over, sign up, I’ll enable you, and then you can see the script, some concept art, and a few of the people involved in the project.

Thanks for the interest,


Hey guys,

I'm interested in helping you out on your project. I'm a senior animator with plenty of production experience. Could you use another animator? Let me know.


sickofpop, we can use more of everything on the project! Head on over to the website and check it out. I’ll enable your account so you can see around and then you can get thrown in the mix.
Thanks for the interest, see you on the other side,


I’m lovin all these replies. I’m extra motivated now. lol Off to the drawing board.



And, as proof of Tom’s motivation, we now have some finished conceptual art! I’ll post it here for him since I’m so impatient.

Also, we’re still looking for some modelers so if you’re lurking in the shadows, come on out and join in.


Jeremy, thanks for posting this pic up for me. I wasn’t able to link it from the forum. I do see a couple of things I need to correct (figures, lol). I’m hoping to have the other two done in the next day or two, once I get over this cold.

All the best,



Hey KC, Scott put me onto your little project. I’d love to help out. I can do F/X and Lighting/Comping if needed. More then happy to help out wherever I can.


Sounds good. Scott mentioned it to me, nice to meet you mate


Hey Jon, good to hear from you and we can always use the help, especially in the lighting and F/X department.

Go ahead and head over to the forum website: and register. I’ll enable your account and you can see where everything is.

Thanks for replying and I’ll catch you on the other side!



Cool, I’ve registered. I await your devine activation!


You’re in man! Welcome aboard, glad to you have.



just signed up on the board…I’m a 3d modeler/rigger/animator out of cleveland, OH. using Maya 6. Would love to jump on board and help out.



Greg, would love to have you aboard. Thanks for answering the call for modelers and I look forward to seeing you join in.

Welcome and thanks,